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[r132] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'import'.

2001-05-09 02:23:14 Tree
[r131] by adustman

Initial revision

2001-05-09 02:23:14 Tree
[r130] by adustman


2001-05-01 02:05:40 Tree
[r129] by adustman

Add _mysql_const.converters.

2001-04-28 03:31:11 Tree
[r128] by adustman

Move type conversion dictionaries to _mysql_const.converters.

2001-04-28 03:30:40 Tree
[r127] by adustman

Type conversion dictionaries, factored out from

2001-04-28 03:28:40 Tree
[r126] by adustman

Documentation updates.

2001-04-28 03:27:58 Tree
[r125] by adustman

Doc updates.

2001-04-28 01:46:03 Tree
[r124] by adustman

Calls to _mysql__fetch_row() might move the row tuple, so use a PyObject **.

Thanks to Andy Martin for finding this.

2001-04-28 00:39:06 Tree
[r123] by adustman

Move the documentation around.

2001-04-28 00:35:59 Tree
[r122] by adustman

Metadata for packaging (PEP-241)

2001-04-26 19:56:31 Tree
[r121] by adustman

Be extra-paranoid about default instance quoting.

2001-04-22 01:56:55 Tree
[r120] by adustman

Some experimental support for quoting instances.

2001-04-22 01:54:14 Tree
[r119] by adustman

Revert to 1.2 and then properly fix EOLs.

2001-04-22 00:33:40 Tree
[r118] by adustman


2001-04-22 00:21:13 Tree
[r117] by adustman

Update exception generation.

2001-04-22 00:13:33 Tree
[r116] by adustman

A tip for Zope users.

2001-04-22 00:11:09 Tree
[r115] by adustman

Mark connection open, even if open failed, for proper error reporting.
Then mark it closed so we don't try to close it.

2001-04-19 17:41:22 Tree
[r114] by adustman

Bump version.

2001-04-19 17:33:58 Tree
[r113] by adustman

Be more paranoid about operating on closed connections.

2001-04-19 17:32:53 Tree
[r112] by adustman

Break a cycle that prevented GC.

2001-04-19 17:31:15 Tree
[r111] by adustman

Lots of new __doc__ strings and other odds and ends
for new pydoc module in Python 2.1.

Exceptions have been moved into _mysql_const/
Mostly this is for documentation purposes. Mostly.

2001-04-18 04:06:04 Tree
[r110] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

2001-04-14 02:20:14 Tree
[r109] by adustman

Doc updates.

2001-04-14 02:20:14 Tree
[r108] by adustman

Correctly handle port in connection strings.

2001-04-12 01:26:28 Tree
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