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10M download milestone

I was surprised to see MySQLdb has surpassed 10 million downloads this year. I'm not sure why there's been such a surge over the past two years, but I'm not complaining.

Additional news: I've uploaded an official WIndows MSI for 1.2.3 and 32-bit Python. You're welcome.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2012-09-05

MySQLdb 1.2.3 has been released

After far too long, I am happy to announce the availability of MySQL for Python version 1.2.3. This maintenance release of the 1.2 branch includes a number of bug fixes that address the most prominent current issues our users have faced. This includes fixing some unicode functionality, rare memory leaks, and remedies for long-standing build problems (particularly on OS X). Along with this, we have expanded the test suite to ensure the quality of future releases.... read more

Posted by Kyle VanderBeek 2010-06-17

New releases coming soon

Posted by Andy Dustman 2010-02-22

ZMySQLDA 3.1 Released

Minor release to add savepoint support.

Posted by John Eikenberry 2009-01-06

MySQL for Python: ZMySQLDA 3.0beta release

MySQL support for Python. MySQL versions 3.23-5.1; and Python versions 2.3-2.5 are supported. MySQLdb is the Python DB API-2.0 interface. _mysql is a low-level API similiar to the MySQL C API. ZMySQLDA is a Database Adapter for Zope2.

First and hopefully only beta release. It has gone through extensive testing already and is being used in production. Final release will occur once I've had a chance to beat on the Unicode support a bit more.

Posted by John Eikenberry 2008-03-29

ZMySQLDA-3.0alpha released

Initial release of an extensively reworked Zope adapter. This is an alpha
release due to the limited testing it has so far undergone and that there are a
couple areas that could probably use a bit more attention.

If you test this release and find any problems please file bugs in the

Posted by John Eikenberry 2007-09-25

MySQL Conference & Expo 2007

I'll be attending the MySQL Conference this year. For more (but not much more) details, see the new developer blog:

Posted by Andy Dustman 2007-03-28

MySQLdb-1.2.2b3 released

1.2.2b3 will probably be the final release before 1.2.2, though there may be a release candidate. I expect to release 1.2.2 during PyCon 2007.

Good news for Windows users: The Windows build should now work out of the box without any patching or hacking, so long as you are building against MySQL-5.0; if you are building against another version, minor hacking is required for now. As usual, I do not (and can not) make Windows binaries. If you have one to contribute, let me know. Most likely users will want MySQL-5.0 and Python-2.4 or 2.5, which means two different builds. Please build against stock packages (i.e. the and ones).... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2007-02-11

Bronze in 2006 Community Choice Awards

MySQL-python got second runner-up in the Database category in the 2006 Community Choice Awards, behind Firebird and phpMyAdmin. I was actually a little surprised to have made the list at all.

There have been a few small bugs cropping up in MySQLdb-1.2.1 that only affect old versions of MySQL. Some only affect 4.0 and older, and some affect 3.23 and older. If you're using 4.1 or newer, they won't affect you. None of them are security-related. I've already fixed these in Subversion and I'm going to make a patchlevel release later this week (1.2.1_p1).... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2006-04-06


MySQLdb-1.2.1 has finally been released after more than a year of on-again, off-again development. This also coincides with the migration of the source repository to Subversion. I had intended to do this after 1.2.1, but an untimely outage of the SourceForge CVS servers accelerated the process.

I intend for this to be the final release of the 1.2 series barring any serious bugs.

For more details on the roadmap, see:... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2006-04-02

5 years at SourceForge

The mysql-python project is five years old today, and just short of a quarter of a million downloads. Somehow I've managed to move up into the top 30 project list, but I expect that's due in large part to attrition. MySQL moved their source repository off a couple years ago and switched to BitKeeper. Guido van Rossum got tired of waiting around for Subversion support and the long delay updating the anonymous CVS servers and got a Subversion server hosted, just before SourceForge opened up Subversion for everyone. I plan to stick around and start using Subversion immediately after releasing MySQL-1.2.1.... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2006-03-09

MySQLdb-1.2.1c7 (final release candidate)

Here's hoping the seventh time's the charm for MySQLdb-1.2.1. Consider this last call for bugs, and I hope to release 1.2.1 on March 8. Please test.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2006-03-05

MySQLdb-1.1.8 released

I've released MySQLdb-1.1.8, which I hope will be the final release before 1.2.0. Please test this release and report any bugs you find. I am particularly interested in build warnings and errors, and anything that requires you to edit There may still be issues on Mac OS X and Windows, but these are platforms that I cannot test on myself.

If you want to submit a binary package for any operating system, please send me the URL for your package, and I will add it to the release. The file name must include version information for MySQLdb (obviously), MySQL, and Python. For example, if you were to send me a Windows installer for MySQLdb-1.1.8 that was compiled for MySQL-4.1.8 and Python-2.4, I would expect it to look something like this:... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2005-01-01

MySQLdb-1.1.5 (Release Candidate for 1.2.0)

I have released MySQLdb-1.1.5. I hope that this will become the final 1.2.0 in a week or two, barring any new bugs which may crop up. Report bugs to the bug tracker (

In it's current form, 1.1.5 probably requires at least Python-2.3. I do all my testing with Python-2.3, so it might work with 2.2. If it doesn't presently, could probably make it work without too much effort. I can't make it work for earlier versions because I'm using new-style classes. If you need MySQLdb to work for older versions (1.5.2 through 2.1.x), use the 1.0.x series.... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2004-09-19

MySQLdb-1.0.0 (D-Day) Released

It's been a very long time in the making, but MySQLdb has finally been released on the 60th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe. 1.0.0 really should have been released a year or more ago, but I have not had as much time as I once did, and there were technical issues that I finally decided to push off to the 1.1-1.2 series, which drop support for very old versions of Python. Look for 1.2 to arrive within the next month, but don't hold your breath, either.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2004-06-06

MySQL-python development roadmap revised

Development on MySQL-python has been a lot slower than I expected, primarily because a new job ate up a lot of my time. However I have managed to get the first 1.0.0 release candidate out during my vacation.

I came to the conclusion that if I was going to get anything accomplished, I needed to have some intermediary releases before 2.0. So here's the revised roadmap:

1.0: Supports all versions of Python from 1.5.2 to 2.3.4 (currently a release candidate), and all MySQL versions from late 3.22 through 4.0 but not 4.1 and later. 1.0.0 should definitely be out around Memorial Day weekend, barring any major disasters. However, there are some issues that are nearly impossible to resolve while maintaining compatibility with Python 1.5.2.... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2004-05-18

MySQL-python-0.9.3a1 test release

I've (finally) put out a new test release for 0.9.3/1.0.0. This fixes a couple of known bugs. I've cleared out all of the old bugs that I think are fixed by this; feel free to reopen them if you can demonstrate that they are not.

I have only tested using Python-2.2.3 and MySQL-4.0.13. If you find problems with other versions, submit a bug. I plan to test with Python-2.3b2 myself shortly.

Supported versions:... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2003-07-08

MySQL-python development roadmap

MySQL-python version 0.9.3 (or 1.0.0) should be released sometime this summer, probably before OSCon 2003 ( As last year, I will be giving a tutorial on Python and Relational Databases, Featuring MySQL (

Based current developments with both Python and MySQL, I've decided to make the following development fork:... read more

Posted by Andy Dustman 2003-04-20

MySQL-python test releases

There is a new package for prerelease versions of MySQL-python: mysql-python-test. From this point on, only final releases will go in mysql-python, and pre-releases (alpha, betas, gammas) will go in mysql-python-test. If pre-releases interest you, then monitor this package...

Posted by Andy Dustman 2001-12-23

MySQL-python 0.9.0 released

MySQL-python (MySQLdb) 0.9.0 is finally released. 0.9.0 features a new package structure and improved documentation. A number of small bugs have been fixed. Transactions have been tested using MySQL-Max and InnoDB tables and appear to work properly.

ZMySQLDA-2.0.7 has also been co-released. It has a much improved table browser and the ability to force transactions on or off.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2001-06-04

MySQLdb moves to

I'm still in the process of getting the CVS tree installed. Soon thereafter I will probably be releasing version 0.3.4, hopefully the last version before 1.0.0. The major change from 0.3.3 is that all the various MySQL constants are no longer directly defined within _mysql. Instead, they are in the _mysql_const package, which is a pure Python package. They are imported into _mysql at load time, so operationally there should be no difference.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2001-03-09