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Bronze in 2006 Community Choice Awards

MySQL-python got second runner-up in the Database category in the 2006 Community Choice Awards, behind Firebird and phpMyAdmin. I was actually a little surprised to have made the list at all.

There have been a few small bugs cropping up in MySQLdb-1.2.1 that only affect old versions of MySQL. Some only affect 4.0 and older, and some affect 3.23 and older. If you're using 4.1 or newer, they won't affect you. None of them are security-related. I've already fixed these in Subversion and I'm going to make a patchlevel release later this week (1.2.1_p1).

I also cleaned up the trove categorizations for the project because they were really screwy. A few things were on twice, and some nonsense items were on there, like Vietnamese translation (I wouldn't know where to start) and PHP support (yuck!) MS-SQL support (barf!).

Posted by Andy Dustman 2006-04-06

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