5 years at SourceForge

The mysql-python project is five years old today, and just short of a quarter of a million downloads. Somehow I've managed to move up into the top 30 project list, but I expect that's due in large part to attrition. MySQL moved their source repository off a couple years ago and switched to BitKeeper. Guido van Rossum got tired of waiting around for Subversion support and the long delay updating the anonymous CVS servers and got a Subversion server hosted, just before SourceForge opened up Subversion for everyone. I plan to stick around and start using Subversion immediately after releasing MySQL-1.2.1.

I had hoped to release MySQLdb-1.2.1 today, but some extended testing has turned up a memory leak that's been around for awhile, and I want to get that fixed first. Realistically I should have another release candidate, too.

1.3.0 will be released not too long afterwards. Plans for 1.3.x/1.4/2.0

  • _mysql.c is going to be broken up into some more managable source files.

  • error number to exception mapping will be done with a dictionary instead of a steadily-growing case statement. It used to be reasonably small, but I'm finding a lot of new errors to map in MySQL-5.0.

  • prepared statement API

  • use_unicode=True by default (maybe mandatory)

  • MySQLdb.param_style will actually be a setting so you can use either the current "format" (%s) style or "qmark" (?). The latter is required for prepared statements, but I hope to be able to convert between the two. Converting a query that uses %s to ? is trivally-easy. Going the other direction requires regular expressions, but may not be too bad.

  • I really hate the name of the conversions module and I'm going to rename it to codecs (likely). (Why must all my sub-module names start with c?)

  • I might eliminate cursor classes and replace them with plug-ins.

Feature requests: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=22307&atid=374935
Bug reports: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=22307&atid=374932
Patches: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=22307&atid=374934

I'm seeing a fair number of downloads for 1.2.1c7 and no bugs posted, so I guess that's good.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2006-03-09

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