MySQLdb-1.1.8 released

I've released MySQLdb-1.1.8, which I hope will be the final release before 1.2.0. Please test this release and report any bugs you find. I am particularly interested in build warnings and errors, and anything that requires you to edit There may still be issues on Mac OS X and Windows, but these are platforms that I cannot test on myself.

If you want to submit a binary package for any operating system, please send me the URL for your package, and I will add it to the release. The file name must include version information for MySQLdb (obviously), MySQL, and Python. For example, if you were to send me a Windows installer for MySQLdb-1.1.8 that was compiled for MySQL-4.1.8 and Python-2.4, I would expect it to look something like this:


I would like packages for Python 2.3 and 2.4, and for MySQL 4.0 and 4.1, and would accept MySQL 3.23. If you find it works for Python 2.2 (not really supported), I'll take that too. This works out to nine different combinations, and I do not expect to see that many.

Also, you should build against standard packages of Python and MySQL, if possible. As an example, for Windows, it would probably be best to use the Python packages and the MySQL packages. Please tell me what you actually used so I can put it in the release notes.

Consider this your last call for any sort of changes you want to see in 1.2.0. If there are no major issues, 1.2.0 should arrive mid-January.

Posted by Andy Dustman 2005-01-01

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