MySQLdb2 Log

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[566baa] (MySQLdb) by Andy Dustman Andy Dustman

Ensure NULLs are returned as None by default. Return bad time values unchanged instead of None.

2011-09-08 00:59:54 Tree
[ffe9e5] by Andy Dustman Andy Dustman

Bleached some whitespace so now it is extra-white.

2010-02-23 05:39:20 Tree
[228a45] by Andy Dustman Andy Dustman

Remove $Revision$ and $Author$ refs as hg doesn't use them.

2010-02-23 03:58:16 Tree
[3b03cb] by adustman

More serious restructuring and cleaning, especially in the handling
of result sets. All tests pass.

2010-02-22 03:56:44 Tree
[80164e] by adustman

This passes all test, yet is still broken and ugly in many ways.
However, a lot of ugliness has been removed.

2010-02-20 04:27:21 Tree
[c0c002] by adustman

Check in some old changes

2010-02-18 23:47:51 Tree
[29b4cf] by kylev

show_warnings was renamed show_warnings (bug 2796727)

2009-07-24 00:35:20 Tree
[98d968] by adustman

Reimplement MySQL->Python type conversion in C; much simpler and easier to deal with now. Hey, all my tests pass, so I guess that means I need to write some more tests.

2009-03-30 20:21:24 Tree
[5a7c30] by adustman

By exposing connection on result, decoders can be simplified: Only the field object is needed. Turned on leak testing and found a leak writing BLOBs. removed one of the old stubs in Cursor.

2009-03-29 16:26:30 Tree
[7a60c4] by adustman

figleaf revealed that the INSERT_VALUES regex never matched. Added a test for this, and fixed the regex (forgot to add group anchors)

2009-03-29 00:52:14 Tree
[2d6a35] by adustman

Cursor MixIns: DEAD. More of the new type conversion scheme exposed. Two tests failing because encoding hasn't been finished yet.

2009-03-28 13:37:58 Tree
[7fe4b0] by adustman

Fix #2671682. (from 1.2 branch)

2009-03-08 17:50:34 Tree
[5db99d] by adustman

Fix #2663436: Character fields with a binary character set should be returned as str, else unicode.

2009-03-05 02:40:50 Tree
[9ea2b0] by adustman

The pure Python SQL-to-Python conversion code. TODO: There should be a way to register plugins in the module and in the connection.

2009-02-28 04:06:44 Tree
[6e3127] by kylev

There's no good reason to delay imports when the module is (1) useless without
it or (2) you do the same late import more than once.

2009-02-23 23:52:44 Tree
[6122b2] by adustman

set and frozenset always available in Python 2.4 and newer

2009-02-22 20:09:56 Tree
[0f9808] by adustman

Fix docstring typo

2009-02-22 20:07:15 Tree
[0a5e28] by adustman

decimal module always available in Python 2.4 and newer

2009-02-22 20:03:48 Tree
[f4fd8c] by adustman

Read a default file in the test setUp. Since Python 2.4, int() will return longs if needed so make all long references int as in Python 3.0 there is no more long due to int/long unification (new ints are old longs).

2009-02-22 20:01:31 Tree
[4093fb] by kylev

Bring back conversions for the time being, until we can get trunk actually
working right.

2009-02-17 18:59:35 Tree
[df4d80] by kylev

Since tests are easy to run, there's no reason to have them in shipping code.

2009-02-12 00:36:39 Tree
[e7bd07] by kylev

Conflict-filled merge from 1.2br for 558:559 set and exception fixes

2009-02-12 00:23:41 Tree
[4a5668] by kylev

Merge back r554 for deprecated sets module

2009-02-11 23:45:57 Tree
[100386] by kylev

Merge back r553 bug fix #2137599 for VALUES regex

2009-02-11 22:15:41 Tree
[597efa] by kylev

Trivial patch for dict.has_key() being deprecated going forward.

2009-02-06 04:31:38 Tree
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