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MySQLdb2 Log

Commit Date  
[7773ef] by adustman

Formatting and PyLint fixes. Final score: 8.21/10

2007-02-26 18:08:28 Tree
[eb90cc] by adustman

Keyword/property fixes

2007-02-26 17:24:06 Tree
[d68fe8] by adustman

More docstrings and doctests for times and other cleanups.

2007-02-26 17:04:04 Tree
[aef6ea] by adustman

More PyLint-inspired cleanups. Added a bunch of doctests in times.

2007-02-26 06:03:45 Tree
[3f4c6a] by adustman

Me and PyLint had a knife fight, but PyLint had a gun.

2007-02-26 02:40:02 Tree
[0e37ee] by adustman

Merge changes from 1.2 branch (r470:483): Mostly build-related.

2007-02-26 00:55:29 Tree
[fa8974] by adustman

New error handling code, plus some small fixes from 1.2

2007-02-11 21:36:29 Tree
[b1e508] by adustman

Add missing setup_*.py files

2007-02-11 07:40:50 Tree
[b6ecc5] by adustman

Minor build/link fixes

2007-02-11 04:44:11 Tree
[b70cce] by adustman

Merge changes from 1.2 branch r456-468

2007-02-11 04:37:29 Tree
[b5a377] by adustman

Merge changes from MySQLdb-1.2 branch (448-455)

2006-10-24 19:52:31 Tree
[df195a] by adustman

Merge changes from 1.2 branch

2006-04-09 04:06:40 Tree
[c0d1fc] by adustman

Smashed _mysql.c with a great big hammer and got some smaller,
more managable pieces.

2006-04-07 05:06:01 Tree
[e51bc5] by adustman

Merged fixes from 1.2 branch

2006-04-07 02:44:04 Tree
[e48810] by adustman

Copying 1.2.1 to be the new trunk

2006-04-02 18:20:53 Tree