Reading access.log fails...

  • Stewart Brown

    Stewart Brown - 2009-02-09


    When I run the mysar-importer.php file, it parses some of the access.log file then thows out the following error.

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.________________________.__PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  host in /usr/local/mysar/bin/mysar-importer.php on line 196

    ERROR on SQL query
    SQL query: INSERT INTO traffic(date,time,ip,resultCode,bytes,url,authuser) VALUES ('1970-01-01','00:00:00',INET_ATON('from'),'squid\r\nVia:','1.0','(squid/3.0.STABLE8)\\r\\nProxy-Connection:','close\\r\\n\\r]')
    Database error number: 1048
    Database error message: Column 'ip' cannot be null
    Exiting...[root]# /usr/local/mysar/bin:>

    I have set the following in the squid.conf file after reading the postings on this forum

    log_fqdn off
    emulate_httpd_log off
    log_mime_hdrs off

    Has anyone got any other ideas please?

    • Stewart Brown

      Stewart Brown - 2009-02-09

      Sorry folks....

      The steps taken above did work, but my colleague had not restarted squid to create a new access.log file.

      Mysar is now working fine.

      Just one note, we are running SUSE 10.XX and to get the cron jobs to work properly, I had to copy the syntax from the installed mysar.cron file into /etc/crontab (excluding the line for the mysar binary importer - we could not get this to compile without installing extra software).

      Again sorry about the mix up...



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