2 Questions

  • Pascal Wilikens

    Pascal Wilikens - 2008-10-03

    First question. Is there a possibility to show a top site ranking from all the data that is in the database, not only for one day.

    Second question. I have more than one Squid server, I only have SSH access to the servers, is there a possibility that I can important this in mysar, or is there anybody who already found a way to do this and would share his info or scripts.

    • John Cehan

      John Cehan - 2008-12-12

      the answer for the second question would be something like this.  You can create a ssh tunnel between the machines to give yourself access to the logs.   Or  you can get a vpn going.

    • Ben Hay

      Ben Hay - 2009-07-14

      UNTESTED  pseudocode:
      1.  scp SQUIDHOST:/path/to/access.log  /tmp/
      2.  updateConfig('mysarImporter', 'disabled');
           Wait one minute.
      3.  Get the following values from mysar.config table:  lastTimestamp, squidLogPath, lastLogOffset, firstLogTimestamp
      4.  updateConfig('lastTimestamp',0);
      updateConfig('squidLogPath', '/tmp/access.log');
      updateConfig('mysarImporter', 'enabled');
      5. Wait two minutes, then wait until lastImportedRecordsNumber == 0  (SELECT value from mysar.config where name = 'lastImportedRecordsNumber')
      6.  updateConfig('mysarImporter','disabled');
          Wait one minute.
      7.  Restore all values saved in step THREE
      (lastTimestamp, squidLogPath, lastLogOffset, firstLogTimestamp)
      8.     updateConfig('mysarImporter', 'enabled');

  • hpno2

    hpno2 - 2009-11-10

    Have you ever resolved this issue? I'm trying to import logs from two different sources but i find a duplicate key error during importing in binary mode.

  • Carlos Langoni

    Carlos Langoni - 2010-10-29

    Why import logs? Why not install mysar binary importer in the second server and point mysql server to the frist server, all logs, one mysql server, two squid servers.

    I think this is the easier way.

    Carlos Langoni


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