Segmentation Fault

  • Hugo Carvalho

    Hugo Carvalho - 2009-05-15


    I'm trying to run the parser on a slow log file and it's giving me a segmentation fault. Any thoughts?

    • camka

      camka - 2009-05-29

      What version of php-cli do you use? (run "php -v" from your command line)

      The segfault is most probably caused by some long complicated query line in your log file. To locate it, you may try to cut pieces from your log file and try to parse it once and once again, untill you find this very line, which causes a segfault. This line could be helpful for me to locate the problem in parser and try to fix it.

      You may also try to check out the latest version of myprofi from cvs repository:
      cvs co myprofi
      I've fixed a similar problem in last commit, but haven't still released the fixed version as downloadable archive.

      good luck and thanks you for reporting.


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