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About project transfer

About the project transfer, I have just sent the website source code to MickR.

I will now generate the maps once a week.

Posted by Nick 2012-04-11

a new article

Here is a new article talking about the project in German,1518,825561,00.html

Posted by Nick 2012-04-08

openBmap project future

Mick(Rideout) has declared his interest in taking in charge the project.
Big thanks to him !

We are now working on transferring the back-end from windows XP to linux.
First task is to transfer the postgres/postgis database from XP to linux.

During that time, the maps will be generated every 3 or 7 days.


Posted by Nick 2012-03-11

openBmap is now completely open source

I today released the source code of the server side version 2.0.

This is the server version that I am currently using to generate all the wifi and cellular maps, stats, graphs you can see on

The postgresql/postgis dumps are yet missing, I am going to release a few dumps during the next days.... read more

Posted by Nick 2012-02-04

backend server source code

The backend server source code will be available in the next few days.

The backend server was the last part of the project that was not yet open source with its final version.

Please consult the main wiki page to know the architecture of the project:

Posted by Nick 2012-02-03

windows phone 6 source

At last, I made available the source code for the windows phone 6 platform

1) the cellular 1.6 client
2) the wifi stumbler 1.0

Posted by Nick 2012-02-01

project global architecture

I have posted the global architecture of the project: clients, website, server/backend

The server/backend used for map generation will be very soon available on the AGPL v3 licence

Posted by Nick 2012-02-01

openBmap, open source and open data

You already know that we love open source and open data initiatives like openstreetmap.

We are really proud today to announce that the server side which includes the maps generations is planned to go open source.

The full server side will be open source on september 2012.

Posted by Nick 2012-01-18

new cellular maps with OSM

We integrated openlayers 2.11 into the cellular maps with OSM. It must be possible now to browse the cellular maps from your mobile devices.


Posted by Nick 2012-01-05

use of openmoko patch is now mandatory

Due to previous web hoster decision, it is not possible anymore to upload data to the previous website.

The use of the openmoko patch - Matija Nalis [Sat, 8 Oct 2011 12:24:49 +0000] - becomes now mandatory to be able to upload data to

Posted by Nick 2011-11-26

hide your Wifi access point from openBmap

Following the proposal from <a href="">CNIL</a>, openBmap clients will soon stop logging positions of Wifi access points with an ssid ending with "_nomap".

Posted by Nick 2011-11-17

GSM maps generation back on track

A bug mentioned by James prevented GSM maps to be generated.

This bug was introduced on 24th of September and corrected on 12th of November. All impacted maps have been corrected by now.

Posted by Nick 2011-11-15

Alternative Firefox geolocation

I have added support for an alternative Firefox geolocation as described

Setting up your firefox, it will send the surrounding wifi access points to the openBmap api

If any of these wifi access points are in the openBmap database, it will return your position.

If no wifi access point is sent or if no wifi access point is found in the database, it will use the IP address to get your position.... read more

Posted by Nick 2011-11-09

Mapping manager and density of cells

Mapping Manager is now calculating for each 2G and 3G cells the density of surrounding cells.

From a cell position, it calculates the number of cell in the surrounding 1 km2 square.

With this link

you can see that there are 12 cells in the 1 km2 square around the cell 54865

Posted by Nick 2009-02-07

GeoTag File manager release

This release of GeoTag File manager adapts to the past month changes in Facebook API.

It uses now templates and feed_publishUserAction.

Posted by Nick 2008-11-01

Tools for the first free and open map of wireless objects

openBmap is a free and open map of wireless communicating objects (e.g. cellular antenna, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). It provides tools to mutualize data, create and access this map.

RealtimeBlog is the first application to use and produce openBmap data. RealtimeBlog geo-positions your photos (based on GPS or cellular position), generates kml files for Google Earth and shares these files with friends updating your Facebook mini-feed.

Posted by Nick 2008-08-06

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