first thing ... a fatal error in

  • maotouying

    maotouying - 2007-07-10

    After calling ~../myphpmoney_2.0/public_html/index.php I receive :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: stripos() in ~../myphpmoney_2.0/public_html/inc/ on line 698

    PHP Version 4.3.10,
    Apache 2.0 Handler, 4.1.10a-3.2,
    perl-Apache-ASP 2.57-suse9.3.build75050824.12,
    php 4.3.10-14.1.swsoft,
    mysql 4.1.10a-3.2

    No error log found in public_html, mySQL has been accessed.

    Noone else has reported this ... Hmmm, what have I missed ?

    • hpfn

      hpfn - 2007-07-10

      Thank you for your feedback.

      You missed nothing. The function stripos only exists on PHP5.
      I did not update the 'Requirements '.

      Please update php version or use one off the options  mentioned on

      One example:

      rchillet at hotmail dot com
      28-Apr-2006 01:45
      improvement the function of heavyraptor with int offset parametre.

      if (!function_exists("stripos")) {
        function stripos($str,$needle,$offset=0)
            return strpos(strtolower($str),strtolower($needle),$offset);

    • maotouying

      maotouying - 2007-07-10

      Thanks for your quick answer hpfn :-)
      ... I am afraid I would have even more problems (with Chinese language) when upgrading to PHP5 ;-) And, sadly, I can only guess what to do with that patch mentioned, so can you give me a hand please ?

    • hpfn

      hpfn - 2007-07-10

      file inc/, line 146 is a good place

      # --------------------------- Php Function > 4.0.0 ---------------------------


      • maotouying

        maotouying - 2007-07-11

        Thank you hpfn,
        this fixed the actual problem. However, I have then met other missing function (array_combine() )in my PHP4...
        I think, it is the most sensible thing to grit my teeth and upgrade to PHP5
        Again, thank you

        • hpfn

          hpfn - 2007-07-11

          Ok. But to use php5  'register_long_arrays = On' must be
          set on php.ini.

          If don' t want this, is possible to set  'register_long_arrays = Off'
          editing inc/

          -  if (array_key_exists('flag',$GLOBALS['_REQUEST']) && $GLOBALS['_REQUEST']['flag'] == $img) {
          + if (array_key_exists('flag',$_REQUEST) && $_REQUEST['flag'] == $img) {
                echo base64_decode($a); die();



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