#8 Great Work! some Feedback


As suggested by your screenshot i tested myphone with
two instances on my own machine on Win2k

Until i played with the audio codecs i had no sound
transfer whatever.

it should be mentioned that u have to hang up the call
before changes in the settings have an effect.

most stable results i have actually with the G.723.1.v1.5
audio codec. I get video with my Logitech Quickcam Pro
but i doesnt take long for the Program to crash.

using only audio makes it a lot more stable though.

actually im testing it with my girlfriend on dsl. But we
could not establish a connection yet. I think its the same
thing on her side that i encountered myself at the
beginning. No audio is being transmitted even if both
sides log an established connection with the chosen
audio codec of the caller.

were transmitting without a gatekeeper with an IP<->IP
direct connection. We desperately hope, we get this
thing working, cause its our only alternative to
MSN-Messenger that crashes all the time on dsl side.

I love the clear and understandable interface, and with
video functionality its really all i need.

Great work, Thank you


  • Hermann Dresen

    Hermann Dresen - 2004-02-19

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    Feature Wishlist: Minimize to Tray!

  • Hermann Dresen

    Hermann Dresen - 2004-02-19

    Logged In: YES

    Now, as foreseen...

    after a few minutes twiddling with the Audio-Codec Settings,
    suddenly it all worked perfect. The Reason isnt obvious. So i
    recommend to finetune the default settings. Seems they are
    not at the save side.

    It would be useful to have a button to reset the settings to
    this default (failsafe) mode. To make the first setup and
    testing of ur application easy.

    Two Win2000 Servicepack 2 Machines
    1st: Lan Internet Connection
    2nd: DSL Connection
    100km Internet :)
    no Firewall yet

    -Video Off (not tested with yet)
    -Audio G.723.1.v1.5 (all other codecs disabled)
    -Gatekeeper none (Peer to Peer)

    well use myPhone on a regular basis, so exspect future
    test updates soon :)



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