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MyACM Library and G.723.1 codec

Long awaited MyACM Library has been finally posted to MyPhone's CVS (module name: myacm). It can be used to include any Windows ACM audio codec into OpenH323 project (Including MS ACM G.723.1).

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-06-13

MyPhone has CIF resolution now!

New version 0.2b12 has CIF (352x288) video resolution, and better H.263 coddec.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-06-13

Now MyPhone is fully H.263 compatible!

New version 0.2b11 has been released.
MyPhone was recompiled with newer OpenH323 libraries.
Proper H.263 support was added, and many more:

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-05-22

Salyens VoIP

Check out Salyens VoIP. This program is developed by Guilhem Tardy (main H.263 contributor to OpenH323 project) it is based on MyPhone sources but has some advanced Video functionalities.
Guilhem is going to make part of his sources publicly available, so look for further announcements from Salyens in the News section.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-05-22

MyPhone Documentation/FAQ


I have received tons of e-mails with the requests for Manual/User Guide/FAQ or something about MyPhone. But I have practically no time now, and still struggling over code at nights while everyone sleeps peacefully. So maybe someone (or everyone) will help me with some basic FAQ with recommendations, and solutions to most common MyPhone problems? It will be posted here:
Some ideas could be taken from great linux prog also based on OpenH323: GnomeMeeting read more

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-05-18

It's Alive!

I?ve managed to find a few hours for MyPhone, so check out new version 0.2b10.
Bad News:
Because I do not have reliable i-net connection I am still using ?old? PWLib and OpenH323 libraries, that means MyPhone(OpenH323 library) still can?t detect some of web cams, sorry. As you understand, this problem buried deep into PwLib/OpenH core, so I need time to work it out. May be it is fixed in ?new? (Janus) release?
Also I was in a hurry so that version has tons of bugs, let?s find/fix them.
Good News:
Now MyPhone has PhoneBook. It?s pretty ugly and slow because I tried to use PConfig class from PWLib instead of proper database code. I am tend to make MyPhone as small as possible without any thirdparties. But it works! Now let?s see how much phone records will hang this thing :-)
And now we can minimize into SystemTray area and have Cool Baloon Tooltips (in Win2K/XP only) about incoming events.
Also I was terrorized by questions like: ?where can I get sources?.? For a long time. So now *.ZIPed version of the latest sources is provided for those who does not know much about CVS.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-04-02

Trace your MyPhone activity

Tracing feature added for better bug reporting. It could be enabled through command line switches.
Because of this, executable file size increased from 640K to 840K.
In Final Release version Tracing will be disabled and size will lose that 200K.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2004-01-11

MyPhone goes Multilanguage

New version 02b8 supports internalization.
Currently only English and Russian are available.
But any language could be easily implemented now.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2003-12-01

I have got Web-cam -> instant new version 0.2b7

Thanks to Franz J Ehrengruber (iptelenet).
Who kindly presented me a web-camera. So I could fix a lot of video-related bugs in this version of MyPhone. Now it Really works with video input devices.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2003-11-27

Version 0.2b6 Released

New version includes Gatekeeper support and more audio codecs to play with (and some GUI changes of cause :-).
Now Installer goes with one single statically compiled executable, it does not require any 3-d party DLL files and has size only 555Kb !!! I suggest to uninstall your old versions of MyPhone before installing this one. . Also dynamically compiled version and main executable alone provided in separated ZIP archives.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2003-11-26

Static version 0.2b5

Release 0.2b5 now includes One-File-Standalone version which does not require any 3-d party libraries. It is compiled with static OpenH323 and PWLib libraries and packed with UPX. Weight: only 450K!

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2003-11-21

Just Started

First Public Semi-stable version of MyPhone released.

Posted by -=MaGGuS=- 2003-11-13

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