MyPhone can't detect my webcam!

  • farzad

    farzad - 2004-03-30

    I have installed MyPhone but the problem which I have is that the software can't detect my webcam. When I checked "show local video" in the settings->video I saw nothing on none of the two windows at right. I think I should provide driver code to make my webcam detectable, shouldn't I? (My OS is Windows XP and my webcam uses USB port to work)

    • hotkids

      hotkids - 2004-03-31

      I had the same problem. MyPhone cant detect a
      logicool Qcam QV-40Hs(USB),but it can detect a Creative WebCam(USB). i can see nothing in the
      two windows.

      • hotellinavespone

        I have the same problem with my webcam, No video at all. I have a  Sonix webcam, very cheap....

    • hotkids

      hotkids - 2004-04-01

      I debuged the source because the video doesn't
      display. what debug information can i offer you for
      resloving the problem?
      where do i place the break point to .

    • hotkids

      hotkids - 2004-04-01

      I debuged it.
      the Video display nothing.  
      i find VideoGrabber is unavailabile.

      can you help me.
      if (mpInput == NULL) {
          PTRACE(6,"PVC\t::Write, frame size is "
           << mpOutput->GetFrameWidth() << "x" << mpOutput->GetFrameHeight() <<
           " VideoGrabber is unavailabile");
          return mpOutput->SetFrameData(0, 0,
                        mpOutput->GetFrameWidth(), mpOutput->GetFrameHeight(),
                        (const BYTE *)buf, TRUE);

    • farzad

      farzad - 2004-04-01

      I cant get it! you mean MyPhone cant show my webcam because of existing some bugs in the source code? or it can detect special webcams only? If you found some bugs cuasing it, please let us know. Since you said that it detected Creative webcams, I have been loking for that kind of webcam and this has caused delay in my work. If you have the key of the problem, i'll be grateful to get your help.

    • hotkids

      hotkids - 2004-04-02

      It can detect a Creative WebCams,but display nothing. I said I had the same problem. I tryed
      to analyse source code & found 'the VideoGrabber is unavailabile'. But I dont know the reason. I want to the author's help. i found PVideoChannel::read(Pwlib pvidchan.cxx)  mpInput had values. but at PVideoChannel::Write(Pwlib pvidchan.cxx)
      mpInput was NULL. is it a hint to resovle the no
      image display?

    • -=MaGGuS=-

      -=MaGGuS=- - 2004-04-02

      Hi folks.
      I?ve managed to find a few hours for MyPhone, so check out new version 0.2b10.
      Bad News:
      Because I do not have reliable i-net connection I am still using ?old? PWLib and OpenH323 libraries, that means MyPhone(OpenH323 library) still can?t  detect some of web cams, sorry. As you understand, this problem buried deep into PwLib/OpenH core, so I need time to work it out. May be it is fixed in ?new? (Janus) release?
      Also I was in a hurry so that version has tons of bugs, let?s find/fix them.
      Good News:
      Now MyPhone has PhoneBook. It?s pretty ugly and slow because I tried to use PConfig class from PWLib instead of proper database code. I am tend to make MyPhone as small as possible without any thirdparties. But it works! Now let?s see how much phone records will hang this thing :-)
      And now we can minimize into SystemTray area and have Cool Baloon Tooltips (in Win2K/XP only) about incoming events.
      Also I was terrorized by questions like: ?where can I get sources?.? For a long time. So now *.ZIPed version of the latest sources is provided for those who does not know much about CVS.


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