i have a problem with vedio codecs h.263

  • jokefake

    jokefake - 2007-03-16

    i have successfully compilied myPhone 0.2b12. but the problem is when i run it i do not see the video codecs h.263 but only h.261. what could be wrong. thanks

    • KL Chin

      KL Chin - 2007-03-20


      I had the same problem for myPhone 0.2b12, but I do not have problem
      with myPhone2 ver 0.3b0.  

      I think maybe due to the setting/degine.

      KL Chin

    • jokefake

      jokefake - 2007-03-20

      Hi KL Chin,

      I just downloaded My Phone 2 but it would not comile with the present versions of OpenH323 and pwlib that I have. What versions did U use in compiling and what site can I get them off?


    • KL Chin

      KL Chin - 2007-03-22


      I used the lastest version and other old version.

        OPAL       1.11.1 / 1.10.3 
        OPENH323   1.10.0 / 1.10.0

      Basically you can compile with any version, as long as you know
      how to change the setting, it took few weeks to compile it.

      Now should be not problem to compile it, but still have problem for
      IPV6, SSL and others, due to the Microsoft LIB/INC setting and
      sourcecode noy in hand,

      BTW, I downloaded from


      I had test both  PC-to-PC

        a) OPAL - openphone
           For SIP protocol it not problem,
           But for H323, i still stuck here, you can check my poroblems from the forums.

        b) PWLIB + MyPhone2 or MyPhone
           It work, but you need to change the all graphic related routine
           for myphone, bcoz it had bugs, where u cannot continue using it
           for more then 10 mins (i think), these due to the DC handle problem.

      Here the steps,


      1) Misc
         a) make sure, set the compiler search folder .
         b) sometime need to modify other setting - depend on version, like ptlib.ignore

      2) PWLIB's tool first,
         a) configure.exe -> copy to pwlib, this should be automatic
         b) PWLIB console file
         c) PWLIB console component
         b) MergeSym.exe -> make sure copy to pwlib/lib, but depend on version,
            if u copy it should be ok, otherwise u cannot compile, and u need to
            clean the setting
         e) PWLIB dll

      2) OpenH323
         a) lib files
         b) dll files
         c) all other code files, some u might dun hv the source code, like VoiceAge  
         d) Copy all codec dll to PwLib_Plugins, otherwise only 1 codec listed for myphone2,
            for myphone need hardcode to add it.

      3) MyPhone or MyPhone2

      If you follow these steps you should be able to compile it.  If you had problem,
      you can visit voxgratia.org. it give you a good guide, but again, sometime you needed
      to some setting.
      KL Chin


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