MyPhone Compilation How To?

  • ttomingy

    ttomingy - 2006-02-10


    Could anyone post their How To for MyPhone compilation?

    I have been trying to compile MyPhone many many days with no luck.

    I could only compile one version of openH323 and PwLib, and got errors when compiling MyPhone.


    • ttomingy

      ttomingy - 2006-02-13

      It seems MyPhone is not updated anymore and nobody is here. :(

      I just post this, hope it helps someone who wants to compile MyPhone.

      I tried to compile those pwlib & openh323 from Most of them have errors. So, i tried the ones from CVS. They work without a pain.

      Just compiled Janus Patch 2 with MyPhone easily. So, better to use the source from CVS.

      And i just commented out in MyPhoneEndPoint.cpp in order to compile MyPhone:

      /** Custom Codecs    BEGIN */
      /** Comment this section if you do not have these codecs in your OpenH323 library */
          H323_G7231MSCapability *cap = new H323_G7231MSCapability(TRUE);
              SetCapability(0, 0, cap);    // MS ACM G.723.1 codec. from MyACM library
              delete cap;
          //  SetCapability(0, 0, new H323_G7231Capability(TRUE));    // G.723.1 codec from ITU sources.
          SetCapability(0, 0, new H323_G729ACapability);    // G.729 from VoiceAge library
          SetCapability(0, 0, new H323_G729Capability);    // G.729 from VoiceAge library

      /** Custom Codecs    END */


      • Craig Southeren

        Craig Southeren - 2006-02-13

        Simon Horne has created a myphone2 project as part of the Vox Gratia CVS. See

        Feel free to post to contact Simon (<>) or myself for more information

        I am also creating a myphone2 mailing list at the voxgratia project (

           Craig Southeren (

    • Simon Horne

      Simon Horne - 2006-03-10

      You can download the latest source code from

      This will compile with the latest versions of OpenH323.

      Note: The codecs are now plugin. If you wish to add G.723.1 support then compile the plugin file in the patch section.
      or download

    • nice

      nice - 2006-03-23

      I can't download the from,because isn't connected


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