problem with video

  • tinystar

    tinystar - 2004-09-06

    i have a webcam (genius videocam live). But i can't use it, Myphone say: "ERROR! Failed to open video input device: Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32); source: -1"
    but when i test it on some other softwares (Netmeeting, ...), it is ok.

    In the list video device of Myphone is:
    +Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)
    +Frame test N.0 - Moving blocks
    +Frame test N.1 - Moving line
    +Frame test N.2 - Bouncing boxes
    +Frame test N.5 - Text video

    But in the list device of M$ Windows is:
    +Genius VideoCAM live SC
    +Genius VideoCAM live VC

    • -=MaGGuS=-

      -=MaGGuS=- - 2004-09-09

      Try other source canals, other then -1

    • tinystar

      tinystar - 2004-09-10

      i had tryed all of them, but stiil fail.

    • BI_ME

      BI_ME - 2005-11-17

      I'm using MyPhone0.2b10 but the video not display. In the list video device of Myphone has the name of my webcam, then I think MyPhone detected my webcam, but why the video window not display? I also see the message "Start sending H.621-QCIF...". What's the problem? Help me!


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