Portuguese (Brazil) translation

  • Marcelo Dieder

    Marcelo Dieder - 2004-05-25

    Hello -=MaGGuS=-

    I can make the translation of the MYPHONE for Portuguese Brazilian.  You can pass me the texts in English of myphone?  Thus I can translate and I after control for you.


    Marcelo Dieder

    • -=MaGGuS=-

      -=MaGGuS=- - 2004-05-26

      Soon MyPhones String Table will be posted on the site for public access.

      • Marcelo Dieder

        Marcelo Dieder - 2004-05-27

        Ok, if you to obtain to order for email, I go advancing the translation. 
        My email is dieder@brturbo.com

        Thank You....

    • whtech

      whtech - 2004-07-26

      I also can traslate them into chinese,:) . but I met a problem, When I use chinese (double byte),only part of it can be displayed in the interface. Maybe we should change some code at LoadStringLang function in the Multilang.cpp. am I right? but how to change it?

    • whtech

      whtech - 2004-08-12

      -=MaGGuS=- ,
              I change some code,and now can support chinese now. Need I send it to you? and how can I do that?

      • -=MaGGuS=-

        -=MaGGuS=- - 2004-08-12

        Nice thing!
        You can send your changes to my e-mail: maggus@mail.ru
        If I include it in the project, your name will be mentioned in contributors.

        • whtech

          whtech - 2004-08-13

          I have sent you a letter, check it pls.

    • Marcelo Dieder

      Marcelo Dieder - 2004-08-12

      Marcelo wrote:

      Yes, I go to translate with the biggest pleasure.  You can send the text in english to my email? voip@sinos.net

      Thank you....

    • Marcelo Dieder

      Marcelo Dieder - 2004-08-13

      Ok, i go translate e i send to you later....OK?



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