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Include full album in Wordpress with myPh3.preview

myPh3.preview 2.0 has been released. It now supports [album] tags which include not only one photo with pop-up-function, but full albums. Use like '[album]Holidays/Spain 2007[/album]' and your post includes all image from your last holiday, just like in myPh3 itself.

Get it at the download page - installation instructions included.

Posted by Eric Kok 2008-02-02

myPh3 1.1.0 released

Another new update! Includes a FreeBSD bugfix and added support fdor the great clearbox javascript library (as replacement for the slimbox popup).

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-11-29

Bugfix updates of myPh3 and myPh3.random

New versions are released of the myPh3 and myPh3.random scripts. The new myPh3 1.0.3 now includes updates mootools 1.1 and slimbox 1.4 libraries. The myPh3.random Wordpress plugin includes a bug fix not showing the random image at all.

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-11-27

Updated myPh3.preview

The Wordpress/myPh3 plugin to show previews of album pictures, myPh3.preview, has been updated. Changes made: bug fixes and easier url [preview] setting. See myPh3 downloads.

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-09-02

WordPress plugins and myPh3 1.0.2

Already last week, version 1.0.2 of the myPh3 script was released, including a bug fix in sorting the photos.

More importantly, I have released the second WordPress plug-in concerning myPh3. Apart from the already existing myPh3.random plug-in (which shows a random image from all of your albums) the myPh3.preview plug-in is now available. It allows you to very easily include myPh3 album images (thumbnail and a full image pop-up) in your WordPress posts and pages. It's as easy as copy/pasting an URL! See for more information.

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-08-08

1.0.1 release

Just uploaded: an uploaded myPh3 with some small additions like directory exclude filter and a Hewbrew translation.

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-06-18

1.0.0 version of myPh3 released!

Thanks to a lot of contributors, today we have launched myPh3 version 1.0.0. The first non-beta release. Also includes 10 new translations and 1 new visual style. See the file releases and release notes.

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-05-20

Version 0.3.0 published

Just released! myPh3 0.3.0 beta. Included multi-lingual support (l10n) as well as several bugfixes. Many thanks to Pador Reszo and others for testing!

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-04-25

Testers wanted

myPh3 is looking for people who want to test run the image gallery software. It's easy and fun! You just need a php installation with GD enabled.
If you would be willing to give myPh3 a try, please report me what cofiguration you are running on, if you experience any difficulties and if you have any (feature) requests. Send me a mail or leave a message in the forums. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-03-27

Beta version 0.2.0 released

The new myPh3 0.2.0 version has just been released. Several updates and additions, like visual styles, are included. Check the new demo at the website.
Please test this version and give us feedback!

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-03-25

Website and first beta online

Hurry to ! The website is now online. Also avaiable is the very first beta version. Just for testing!

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-03-23

First beta soon to be released

Welcome to myPh3! This new image gallery software is make to be easy to install and use, nice to look at, interactive and standards-compatible.

Our first beta release will soon be downloadable. This will be mainly for testing. Please check in a couple of days!

Posted by Eric Kok 2007-03-21

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