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MyOODB 4.0.0 Released

This release further moves MyOODB's object oriented database architecture
and features from a propriety data store, to one based on popular relational
databases: H2, MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and Oracle. MyOODB still supports
its traditional OODB and XDB backing stores, however, now examples are geared
towards demonstrating relational configuration.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2008-12-09

MyOODB 3.0.0 Released

This release introduces the first phase of seamless relational database back end support. It also moves to and requires the latest version of Java 1.6 in order to better support large scale object containers.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2008-06-19

MyOODB 2.2.1 Released

This release has rewritten MyOODB database backup and restore services. These services have been redesigned to take advantage of MyOODB journaling facilities and to improve overall performance.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2008-03-17

MyOODB 2.2.0 Released

This release introduces new JSON setter/getter methods as part of the MyOODB language mapping between JavaScript and Java. This is in addition to the XML setter/getter methods already available. Lastly, some general fixes were made in the area of protocol mapping JavaScript between MyOODB database objects.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2008-01-03

MyOODB 2.1.4 Released

This release introduces an automated object garbage collection service, where before it was manual. It also includes new base classes (AbcObject, DigitObject, LogObject) and object containers (AbcStore, DigitStore, LogStore) to help in large scale database design. Lastly, some general optimization and bugfixes were made

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2007-11-26

MyOODB 2.1.3 Released

This release adds a new method annotation for distributed objects, which adds real-time behavior in a MyOODB gaming configuration. It also includes an updated Web site that links to a free remote collaboration project ( Yakkle ) demonstrating MyOODB running in this gaming configuration.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2007-11-02

MyOODB 2.1.2 Released

This release optimizes all HTTP, TCP, and UDP network protocol communication between MyOODB components and services. It also includes some Gaming flow control changes with respects to reliability and performance.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2007-09-17

MyOODB 2.1.1 Released

This release adds a Gaming option so MyOODB can be built as a gaming framework through the use of memory-only distributed objects over the UDP protocol.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2007-07-31

MyOODB 2.0.0 Released

This release adds support for ( Object-Oriented AJAX ) access to MyOODB database objects. It includes some API and code reorganization changes.

Version 2.0.0 is available for download at:

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2007-05-21

MyOODB 1.9.4 Released

This release adds the unique ability to represent the object database and transactions as 100% XML, as well as, the traditional binary cluster format.

It includes the ability to configure database file access as either direct or asynchronous IO.

Lastly, a few performance optimizations have been added in the area of large scale transactions.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2007-04-29

MyOODB 1.7 Initial Release

MyOODB ( My Object-Oriented Database ) is a high
speed SDK for hackers serious about
Object-Oriented development. An integrated
Database & Web environment that provides true
distributed objects, implicit/explicit
multi-concurrent nested transactions, seamless web
tunneling, and database self-healing.

MyOODB is one part of a two part SDK solution.
Together with MyOOWEB, MyOOSDK provides a
development environment for folks who desire small
fast but powerful applications. It is the
foundation that puts the power of true
Object-Oriented Design back into App/Web development.

Posted by Thomas Hazel 2006-02-27

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