• Gregory Remington

    Hi folks. Great project. Looking forward to discussion :)

    • lifekeeper

      lifekeeper - 2001-12-25

      i hope discussion will start someday ;-)

      • Hank Roth

        Hank Roth - 2002-04-27

        I'm using PHP-Nuke on two servers now and it is great. I just saw this on sourceforge and it appears to be just what I want. How difficult is it to install, configure and make work, and were are we at with bugs?


    • Justin Williams

      Justin Williams - 2002-11-16

      I have added PostTep into the modules of a  site on PHP 4.2.3, plus MySQL, and am consistently getting fatal errors in the admin area, plus errors when I try to open up the module in PN.  Is there a list of what permissions I need to set or any other such information?  The only instruction I have been able to find was "upload this into your Modules directory, initialize, and you're done.  This I have done, but I seem to be missing something...  Are there any other dependencies I should know about or something?  Thanks!

    • King Chau

      King Chau - 2003-01-29

      does the project still alive?

      • cs

        cs - 2003-02-26

        I suggest to install the original osCommerce and then integrate it with PostWrap from

        Works fine on my site. I have no need to integrate the shop administration and users to PostNuke.

    • Jan Saell

      Jan Saell - 2003-01-29

      WE are working on getting PostTep up and running on the latest version of postnuke.
      Will get back with more info later.

    • Gene Rodrigues

      Gene Rodrigues - 2003-02-26

      Regarding the problems in the Admin section, pay close attention to the URL appearing in the address bar of your browser. It is probably doubling up the site's root directory when options are selected form the user interface (that is, adding the root twice).

      I had to change the paths and remove at least two misplaced variables in /includes/local/configure.php to get the .72 admin running without error messages (and image loading problems caused by path problems). Other than this, it appears to work fine.


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