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Beta 0_10

MyNews beta 0_10 is now out, with a installer feature. MyNews is also going to be stable as soon as I find no bugs in current code.

Posted by frank mancuso 2006-11-13

Beta 0_9

Beta 0_9 is now out.

Change log as follows:

Recoded so that config.php could store global variables for settings.
Added Delete user function, so admins can delete users.
Added config for how much news to display.

Posted by frank mancuso 2006-09-29

Beta 0_8

Beta_0_8 is out and I am slowly getting things more the way I wanted it to be. I am trying to add more information on stuff so for people who are not that experinced in php can understand how to use this script.

Posted by frank mancuso 2006-09-26

Beta 0_7

Fixed Slash Bug.

Posted by frank mancuso 2006-09-11

MyNews Beta 0_6 Release

MyNews Beta 0_6 is out and has a lot of new features. Visit file section to download latest version.

Posted by frank mancuso 2006-09-06

mynews beta 0_5

mynews beta_05 finally out, a lot of rework. please submit any bugs and also feed back welcome.

Posted by frank mancuso 2006-05-29

mynews beta 0_4

I got a email asking how to display a selected amount of news artacles that was prefered. So I figured I would add that in so that everybody could benefit from that simple add on. If you have mynews_beta_0_3 installed no worries cause I have added a doc which shows steps on how to upgrade the feature in.

Posted by frank mancuso 2004-05-31

beta 0_2

beta 0_2 is out. I added the read more feature and fix a couple of things. Please submit feed back on anything from bugs to feature requests.

Posted by frank mancuso 2004-03-10

beta 0_1

Mynews beta 0_1 is now out for testing, I hope to finish the layout part to the way I planed it.

Posted by frank mancuso 2004-01-10

Project Help Needed

I am looking for a couple of people to help build this project solid. If you think your a piece of the puzzle that I am missing please conect me, I will be happy to work with you.

Posted by frank mancuso 2003-10-31