Mistar Oblivion - 2009-06-11

I am not able to get mym to work with 'LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE'.

The error I get is 'The used command is not allowed in this mysql version.'

This mysql reference page describes why the error occurs:

I recompiled mysql with --enable-local-infile and the necessary lines in my.cnf both on the server (which is remote) and the client.  Running mysql from the command line with the flag --local-infile=1 allows me to load data from a local csv to the remote mysql server.

Because mym does not allow launch flags (unless I am mistaken), there is no way for me to use the command LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE. Is there a way around this?

Does mym read the [client] section of the mysql configuration file? I tried adding the following to my.cnf, as suggested in the reference page:


But I still get the same error.

Any ideas?