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Update site url changed

Update site is now also accessible through the following url:

If you installed MyLV using the old url, you should still be able to perform updates, but I suggest that you change the url of the update site in your Eclipse IDE to the new url since the old one might become unavailable without prior notice.

In other news, I'm still working on a new version, it will be quite a big one, lots of new stuff, but unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I'd like to have to work on MyLV (gotta do my regular job to pay for the bills :)). I know it's been a while since I released a new version and some of you who installed MyLV might be wondering if the project got abandoned or something, but I assure you, it's not.
Hopefully I'll have the new version ready by the end of this month.... read more

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-09-08

Update site is up

You no longer have to download the MyLV update site and access it locally!

Install and update MyLV the way you're used to by accessing this update site from your Eclipse IDE:

I'll still put a zipped update site for download every time there's a new release, just in case you can't update MyLV this way.

For now, enjoy the new version (1.0.3).

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-08-15

Version 1.0.3 out

Version 1.0.3 is out. It contains a couple of bug fixes, here are the release notes:

3391196 Bug when creating SMB locations on Windows machines
3391208 Memory leak in search results view

If no new bugs (well, at least major ones) are found within the next couple of days, I'll move the project into the beta phase.

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-08-14

Moving on

Hey folks,

I'm back from my vacation and I'll start working on the next version of MyLV right away. The next release will probably contain smaller improvements and features while I plan and prepare for the next big release. Hopefully it will be out in a couple of days so check the site regularly ;).

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-08-11

Next release

Hi folks.

Well, I know I said I'll probably release a new version in a couple of days but as it looks right now, you're going to have to wait a little bit longer. I have some work to do right now, and then later I'll take my vacation so there probably won't be any updates for the next two weeks.
Sorry about that, but hopefully, the current version is stable enough to be useful.
If it's not, if there are bugs, please let me know by reporting them in the bug tracker.... read more

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-07-25

New screenshots

I uploaded some new screenshots, you can check them out on the front page or in the screenshots section.

Also, I'll be away for a few days so MyLV won't be receiving any updates until I return, as I'm currently the only developer on this project. Guess I'll have to find some help soon :).

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-07-22

Version 1.0.2 here

I've uploaded the latest version of MyLV (1.0.2) which has several important bug fixes. There's still the issue of not being able to create an SSH location if the password contains special characters. I'll look into that as soon as possible.

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-07-21

MyLV on Eclipse Marketplace

As of yesterday, MyLV is listed on Eclipse Marketplace. I already noticed a boost in the number of visits and downloads. This definitely provides an incentive to fix the remaining bugs and get out of the alpha phase as soon as possible! I'll soon release a new version, with several bug fixes, and hopefully, our early adopters will also report on any bugs that they might find.

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-07-21

Huge bug fixed

Fixed a huge bug in this alpha release. The bug was (is) actually in one of the underlying components that MyLV uses, but nevertheless, it caused the whole IDE to crash when users attempted to create new locations (though, this only happened sporadically - that's why the bug was hard to catch). Well, I implemented a workaround and now everything seems to work fine. The new version is, of course, available for download. I took the old version down.
Also, I'll be replacing the current screenshots with some new ones.

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-07-18

It's here

It's here!

The first alpha version of MyLV. And, I've decided to make it publicly available after all. You can follow the instructions in the 'Help' section of the forum to install MyLV. I gotta run now, but I'll add more news later.


Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-07-16

Almost there! :)

Hello, folks!

Well... I know I've been pretty quiet about how the development of MyLV is going, but right now, I'm happy to announce that the first release of MyLV is just about ready!
There is one more big feature that needs to be implemented, and then I think I can say we'll be ready for the first alpha release.
Neven has hacked together a website for MyLV, and it'll be up pretty soon. You can check it out on
As for me, as I said, I'm doing some final work on this release, and then we'll start some internal alpha testing.
This means that there won't be any update site from which you could download MyLV right now, actually I'm probably not going to create a public update site until our first beta.
Of course, if you're really eager to see what MyLV is like, you can always check out the code from our SVN repo and build it yourself.
Ok, so that's about it for now, I'll make sure I brief you on any additional news that come up later! :)

Posted by Matej Naglić 2011-06-24