myLCD 0.30.4 Released

myLCD is a modular framebuffer and text rendering API designed to drive LCD controllers such as the SED1335, G15, SED1565, T6963C, KS0108, PCD8544, etc..
myLCD aims to provide an expandable framework.

Brief overview of v0.30.4:
- SED1565 Parallel interface driver added.
- BDF text renderer reimplemented.
- Text allignment added: top to bottom from either left or right and right to left.
- DDraw virtual display rewritten, now supports multiple DDraw windows.
- Glyph rendering filter added.
- Glyph rotation is now possible during render.
- Added support for HZ-GB2312, ISO-2022-KR (KSX1001), EUC-KR, JISX0208/EUC-JP, EUC-TW, EUC-CN, Shift JIS, ISO-2022-JP,
JISX0201/JIS 8bit, KOI8-R and KOI8-U.
- Improved GB18030, UTF8 and UTF16 decoding.
- Added ability to lookup driver ID of activated display from driver name.
- Added a floating point Set and Get pixel API.
- Language enumeration API added.
- myLCD falls under the LGPL.

Posted by Michael McE 2007-05-18