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mYLastRSS released with Snoopy 2.0

This release use new Snoopy 2.0 which support HTTPS protocol but it's seem Snoopy produce error messages despite it success to fetch feed content.

Last changes :

  • Update Snoopy component to 2.0.0 which support HTTPS. No fix require.
  • Add 'max_write_errors' properties to disable cache writing if something wrong happen.
  • Fix to search one space before attributes names.
  • Use 'MYLASTRSS_NS_PATH' global constant to load customized '' file.
  • Fix to apply a10:updated as pubDate.
  • Resolve Xiti URLs.
  • Resolve NedStat URLs.
  • Support "alink" tag for item's link.
  • Add 'cache_feed_only' property to not use cache of merged feeds. False as default.
  • Set 'cache_all' property with True as default.
  • Add 'writelock_ext' and 'writelock_delay' proterties for write-locking feature (not use PHP flock). Disabled as default.
  • Errors files no longer store received bad content.... read more
Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2014-10-31

mYLastRSS is not dead

I hadn't published an update since long time, but I had still work to fix and improve this class last years.
In fact, I use this class to power my portal named YMobActus which crawl french press sites with their feeds.

I plan to publish an update while I take time to support Snoopy 2 HTTP client.

Mail me at if you want most recent release.

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2014-07-15

mYLastRSS released for heavy loaded servers

Since two years, I used mYLastRSS on two heavy loaded websites. I added several options to reduce loading conflicts, and fixed some bugs while feed's servers are down...

Last changes:
- Support new FeedBurner/Google feed proxy
- Update Snoopy component to 1.2.4
- Fix while Snoopy fetch empty content (use PHP socket)
- Add 'GetCache' method (work only with sources array)
- Add 'kidx_rule' property to define what use as unique item's id (guid, date & title, or link values)
- Enhanced mYLR2RSS class to produce description without HTML tags
- Fix bugs for UTF8 output
- Support FeedSky like FeedBurner
- Support FeedsPortal links (only RSS or RDF)
- Support more HTML entities

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2009-07-04

mYLastRSS released to support Atom and UTF8

Major update which support Atom feed*, UTF8 encoding, some features to manage time out, execution time, and server load**.
(*) not support namespaced extensions yet.
(**) require to define 'cache_dir' path with CHMOD 777.

With this release, you could fetch several feeds at same time. My project LiFE2Front use it to fetch more than 20-30 feeds per request...

Full changes log:
- Add support to Wakoopa.
- Add support to Slideshare.
- Add 'query_limit' property to limit number of queries to fetch sources content.
- Add 'cache_feeds_filename' property. Use cautiously.
- Add Atom support, but without namespace support.
- Add 'retry_delay' property to ignore recently failed sources.
- Use channel's pubDate if item's pubDate not found. Keep items ordered.
- Use channel's lastBuildDate if channel's pubDate not found.
- Add "cache_feeds_if_failed" property to create aggregated cache file instead one feed failed.
- Fix output under UTF-8 encoding... I advice to use this charset. Define "cp" property.
- Fix encoding for Euro symbol.
- Add support to xCal (for Upcoming).
- Add support to Dailymotion.
- Add support to Basic Geo by W3C.
- Add 'sources' array into result
- Fix un-valid errors of mylr2rss extended class
- Add '_SOURCES' array (private) property
- Fix while obtain HTML page with Snoopy
- Prior mb_convert_encoding() instead iconv()
- Fix Get() to return False while failed.
- New cache updating process ; always update oldest cached feeds at first.
- New 'max_execution_time' property to manage respond time.... read more

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2008-02-06

mYLastRSS released to support Snoopy HTTP client

Now, you could use Snoopy class to handle remote downloading.
This release also support FeedBurner, GeoRSS, Digg, and Creative Commons module for RSS.

Next step will add support of Atom feeds and I will enhance execution time for my LiFE-LiNE project requirements (on LiFE2FRONT network).

NB: previous release has been badly uploaded with empty file. I'm sorry :o(

Full change log:
- Fix while untmlentities() found double entities as "è".
You could disable this way with second parameter $strict which TRUE as default.
- Fix to support coComment entities
- Support Creative Commons module
- Add partial support of Digg module
- Ready to use with RDF/RSS 1.0 feeds
- Support Snoopy class as HTTP client (for remote feeds only)
Set 'useSnoopy' and include Snoopy class before instance mYLastRSS
- Support FeedBurner module and allow to use original link
- Fix mYLR_DCDate2UnixTimeStamp to GMT time-zone
- Add pubTimeStamp for channel
- Ouput personnalized pubDate use gmdate()
- Add support to Simple GeoRSS

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2007-04-19

mYLastRSS updated to fix some bugs


I published new release, build 20070301, which fix some bug I found while use it on projects like Y!M Plus, Y!MobActus, and Life-Line.

Changes log:
- Fix unsupported quotes while use mb_convert_encoding() instead of iconv()
- Fix Category with CData tags
- Fix mYLR2RSS class to support media:content
- Add 'mYLR_DCDate2UnixTimeStamp' public function
- Add 'dc:date.Taken' support.
- Fix mYLR2RSS class to return right items number while made RSS-Filtering
- Fix (again) specials quotes and characters from Wordpress
- Fix categories encoding, and lowercase rendering by mYLR2RSS. Use dc:subject if not found.

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2007-03-03

mYLastRSS updated with more supported modules

Release at 10th december 2006 introduce partial support of these modules :
- Live Spaces "type" tag
- "Media:Player" tag
- DC Terms "modified date" tag
- Slash "comments" tag

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2006-12-10

First release of mYLastRSS multi-feeds parser class for PHP

See project files to download first available release.

See for examples and documentation.
mYLastRSS is compatible with lastRSS

Posted by Olivier D. alias ze kat 2006-11-04