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Mygeneration and VistaDB 3.0

  • William Hammond

    William Hammond - 2007-06-27

    I'm looking to setup and use the list of tools including Mygeneraion, Entityspaces, Visual Studio 2005 and VistaDB 3.0. Mygeneration will recognize and test with VistaDB 2.x, but I can't find a way to use VistaDB 3.0 in this scenario. Am I missing something...

    • David Neal Parsons

      If you open MyGeneration, go to Default Settings, and click the "Driver" dropdown, you should see both VistaDB and VistaDB 3.x listed. If not, it may be the VistaDB build that you have installed. I believe there are plans to update MyGeneration to VistaDB within a week or two.

    • William Hammond

      William Hammond - 2007-06-30

      Thank you for the quick response.

      Part two sounds correct, I can wait two weeks and I will monitor the VistaDB updates.

    • Joe White

      Joe White - 2007-08-06

      Is there any word on the next release of MyGeneration?  I am also having the problem listed above.  I am trying to use version of MyGeneration, with a VistaDB dll of version, but I don't get the VistaDB3.x type in the dropdown.  All I get is VistaDB, which obviously won't work.  Help!!

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-08-07

      We are indeed planning a build soon. I'm sortof waiting on Mike for the new vista db stuff and an oracle fix. I also have a few more features I'd like to throw in for the next version. Maybe Mike will chime in here and help you out. If he is ready, I will push a new build up.

    • klaus3b

      klaus3b - 2007-10-09

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