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  • Daniel Goodwin

    Daniel Goodwin - 2009-03-05

    Firebird 2.1

    I'm trying to use MyMeta version above to generate doodads business entity

    When I do so however the column types appear not to get resolved and I end up with Unknown as the column type - seems to be output of datatype and datatypename are not getting resolved correctly

    I have two fields varchar(10) and varchar(50), with first being the primary key
    I dont see any specific plugin for Firebird (MyMeta.Plugin.Firebird.dll) so I assume its using the default one

    Any clues as to why I would be getting Unknown column types? (from system tables, column types are 39 which is defined as VARYING within FB )

    BTW it works fine for MySQL and MSSQL tables of same types.

    Thanks for any pointers

    • Daniel Goodwin

      Daniel Goodwin - 2009-03-05

      Some other notes

      If I change template code as below

      output.write objColumn.DataTypeName & " " & objColumn.DataType & " " & objColumn.LanguageType & " " & GetAlias(objColumn)

      I get
      public virtual bool LoadByPrimaryKey(VARCHAR 0 Unknown REF)

      so it does know its a VARCHAR field , why does LangusageType not work? Is it the 0 for DataType instead of (perhaps) type 37?

      (VARCHAR == string in Languages.xml - this has not changed)


      • Ken the Eskimo

        Ken the Eskimo - 2009-07-10

        I use a case method on the LanguageType - Called GetLangType(IColumn column)  so when certain types are present they can be properly handled in the Code (identified correctly) as some datatypes are not represented by VB or C# types - find out what the "unknown" is.. then try a method instead of the default LangType ...

    • Daniel Goodwin

      Daniel Goodwin - 2009-03-05

      I'm stupid
      Turns out while I had changed default settings for Firebird (from Mysql) I did NOT select a specific language (c#) when I saved off the settings




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