Abel Braaksma - 2007-09-04

Hi all!

I love the product, saves me quite some time. I have one question though: even though the product seems to be aware of other mapping files, like C#, and even though the templates are all set to use C#, the type mapping always comes down to using the VB.NET mappings. I tried to use it with NHibernate generation of classes for C#.NET with the template from Lujan99 (title "NHibernate lujan99 - 1.0.6").

When I remove the VB.NET mapping, all types become "Unknown". When I change the VB.NET mapping to "look like" C#, these new mappings are used.

However, it would be much nicer if I can indeed select on of the other Language mappings. How can I do that? Or is this a bug?