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PHP feed, new stats categories, phpffl

In an effort to support the phpffl project (, I've added a PHP data feed of live game stats and players updates. This is like the XML feed implemented last season but in the form of a serialized php array. There is a HowTo on using the feed on the myFFL homepage (

There are also several new stats categories and a new team position. The new categories are "team rush yards," "team pass yards," and "sacks allowed" -- these all support the new "Offensive Line" position. So now you can have a team O-line in addition to your team defense. ... read more

Posted by dan mills 2005-08-16

Check out phpFFL!

MyFFL hasn't been touched since probably last October....where the hell have I been? Well, there's a new(ish) baby in the family and I've been building an addition to our home.

The good news is a new open source fantasy football project, phpFFL (\) has begun development and it could very well make the need for myFFL obsolete before the 2005 NFL season.

phpFFL will be using the live stats XML feed available here at myFFL. Jason, the developer, is porting his ASP fantasy football system over to php this Summer and is confident he will be ready for the start of the season (his league is counting on it). So check out his project and support him!... read more

Posted by dan mills 2005-05-04

Live XML stats available

On NFL gamedays, check out for an xml stats feed which is updated every 3 minutes or so. The URL above will return the feed for a "game of the week." But if you know the gameID of specific game you are looking for you can append it to the query string (for example is the URL for tonight's Monday Night Football game).... read more

Posted by dan mills 2004-09-13 running, Alpha release.

For more frequent myFFL development news, checkout the project homepage (use the SF link or visit directly).

The site is running recent versions of myFFL so you can check your live updates of your fantasy players stats while you're there.

Oh, and I guess the big news is the first Alpha release happened last week...but I'm saving the celebration for later this week when the second one should be out.

Posted by dan mills 2004-08-31

Major design change

After lots of thought, I've decided the forego the separate Tcl stat server component, and code the whole thing in PHP. The motive behind the original idea was simply my enjoyment of writing in Tcl. After facing the reality of needing to have an alpha release ready by September 2004, that motive didn't seem to have enough weight to justify the complications of having two sets of software. Also the likelihood of finding people to write modules for other sports besides the NFL is much higher if the modules are in PHP.... read more

Posted by dan mills 2004-03-31

This project isn't abandoned =)

Apologies for not posting any news or releasing any code. I'm just finishing up another project and hope to get underway here soon.

I will not be officially releasing any code until I've at least drafted some requirements docs. But you can view the Tcl prototype for the stats parser and a PHP prototype for viewing the live data by visiting .

If anybody feels this alpha code should be released, please drop me an email.

Posted by dan mills 2004-02-20

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