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CVS Tree broken

Hello myCMMS users or would-like users. The CVS tree is broken. I've changed so many things and relocated other things that I decided that I will only continue distributing the FULL source tree.
Goto to request the latest version.

Posted by Werner HUYSMANS 2007-02-03

myCMMS internationalisation

The solution I use now is too time-consuming. I store the texts in a database and MUST generate the resource files.
I'm also forced to use variables $XXX in my program what makes it hard reading.
Therefore I plan to migrate to the gettext module.
I will publish a gettext version soon, that contains no changes in the functionality, but will have all the texts managed through PO/MO files (Refer to gettext).
I'll clearly indicate this in the FILES section.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2006-05-17

New version myCMMS²

Since I wanted to enable new features the old file structure is too flat. I've reorganized all the files in directories and took the occasion to clean up some code.
I also added 2 new tabs:
1) a STOP management system. I found it usefull to track stops together with production data. I thus created an import of production data. This is an alternative for the old downtime...
2) Reliable Centered Maintenance. We maintain machine functions. The parts of a function (motor, pump, valve, CPU...) might fail due to stress, overcharge. This module organizes my thinking in terms of reliability and actions.... read more

Posted by Werner HUYSMANS 2006-01-04

Internationalisation will come soon

At this time, I'm working on an International Version of the program. All texts will be available and the language can be changed by changing 1 parameter in
The texts will be comfortably located in a NEW table.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2005-07-06

Improvements expected

I'm looking at this moment to make the content of the lists better. The actual lists are quite good, but sometimes it would be helpfull to be able to have lists with grouping. I would also like to have the possibility to emphasize some fields (other color, bold e.g.).

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2005-05-01

Version 1.1 available as ZIP

Version 1.1 is now available as a zip file, which might be easier then using CVS ...

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2005-01-20

SQL creation scripts

To create the database use myCMMS_dump_all.sql.
Be careful, it is a DROP IF EXISTS mechanism, which means, you'll loose everything !!!

Otherwise apply the changes grouped in the myCMMS_mod#.sql files.
(The myCMMS_dump.sql is the old creator)

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-12-30

CVS updated every day

I linked my personal development directly to the CVS system.
So all changes will be available immediately.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-12-30

HTML Manual

Included in CVS/mycmms/manuals now :
All my documentation in HTML format. Normally the links work.
Have much reading fun.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-12-21

Maintenance budget

Until now, I always used other tools to visualize my budget situation. I integrated the library jpgraphs in my project (no changes).
I also added some tables to enable budget follow-up.
When you want to use this, you must adapt the changes described in /sql/myCMMS_mod4.sql
They will NOT affect other existing functions.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-12-18

MySQL database setup via PHP

The mysqldump solution allowed little control on the creation of the database. So, I created 2 setup files that allow the creation of the database (setup.php) and fill it with some initial data (setup_data.php).
FIRST change the $hostName, $userName, $password and $databasename in these files.
As soon as you launch them the creation (filling) starts.

For my installation, I used InnoDB as the MySQL engine. It could be you don't want this and want to use the MyISAM engine instead, simply change the SQL statements correspondently.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-12-05

CVS support

Ouf, I finally managed to create all the necessary scripts on my development PC to fully support the CVS file system.
I promis to upload all changes here, so this becomes the latest status. Use the mycmms module, unfortunately the old one modulename is still visible.
Last TAG = VERSION041127

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-11-28

new Release

The package is splitted in 3 files :
- The actual system (PHP)
- the database (SQL)
- documentation (PDF)

I now use a class for MySQL database access, which makes the code more easy to read.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-10-23

Migration to MySQL 5.0

Since MySQL 5.0 offers some great advantages against 3.23. I plan to fork my development.
I will continue to release some improvements for 3.23 (missing things, bugs).

But I plan to rewrite some of the queries into procedures.

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-07-23

Beta Version released

Fully functional myCMMS version is available 0.9

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-06-11


I abandonned temporarely the idea of offering a demo version. Instead a completer documentation is showed on the homepage.

(Problems with sessions, global variables)

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-06-11

Available homepage for testing

On the homepage you can test myCMMS.
login with test / test
See BUGS -> some MySQL must be done
(These errors do not apply on the normal application)

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-05-01

Alpha release of myCMMS

Release of myCMMS 0.1

Posted by HUYSMANSW 2004-05-01