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MySQL Administration Tools: 0.3.1 fixes critical bug

The MyCAT project is an open-source tool-set for managing MySQL/Linux servers, currently composed of tools that: monitor replication, monitor and rotate binary logs, and allow remote shell access to arbitrary groups of servers.

Release 0.3.1 fixes a few critical bugs in both rep_mon and binlog_mon. In particular, binlog_mon could fail to delete logs even when disk space reaches 100%. Anyone using 0.3.0 should update right away.

Posted by Devananda 2008-08-28

New screenshots uploaded

I've uploaded some new screenshots to display the new tool (binlog_mon) and the improved output formatting in v0.3.0.

Posted by Devananda 2008-07-17

Beta 0.3.0 released!

This is the first release that I consider beta quality, and the first release of the binary log monitoring tool, binlog_mon!

See the CHANGELOG for details of the many other improvements I've made.

Posted by Devananda 2008-07-13

New website!

Many thanks to David Lenwell of Digital Produce Inc. for building this web site ( in his spare time! He and I go a long way back, helping each other out with various projects and jobs. I look forward to seeing more great work come from him.

Posted by Devananda 2005-12-02

If rep_mon has trouble connecting...

Some people are reporting that rep_mon is unable to connect to their MySQL server, or that it reports errors of being unable to authenticate. I've tracked this down to a conflict between the authentication methods used by Perl DBD::mysql and MySQL.

My suggestion is, if rep_mon is unable to authenticate with your MySQL server(s), check your Perl DBD::mysql version and the mysql libraries it was compiled against. If you can not install DBD::mysql 2.9004 and (re)compile it against mysql 4.1.7 or newer libraries, then you must adjust the password within MySQL for the user account that rep_mon will connect with. In brief, it is done like this:... read more

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-29

Fixed memory leak

This morning I got word that there is a memory leak in 0.2.3's rep_mon (thanks Trevor!). I've uploaded 0.2.4 which fixes this critical problem.

I stronly urge anyone who has installed a previous version of Mycat to upgrade to 0.2.4 to avoid further memory leaks.

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-28

Mycat-0.2.3 released, 0.3.0 coming soon!

Bug fixes and more documentation in 0.2.3.

Over the next few weeks, I will be developing the database backup module, so check back soon!

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-26


I just uploaded 0.2.2. Changes are minor but noteworthy, mostly including more documentation and better handling of config file and command line options.

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-15

Readme updated

I just updated the README with more descriptive information about rcall and rep_mon, and a link to a how-to by O'Reilly on creating quick SSH logins (

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-14

RCALL complete (second tool)

Just completed the "rcall" tool, aka "Remote Call". This is extremely useful in situations where a sysadmin has many logical groups of servers (ie, web, database, etc), and needs to quickly run commands across them and view the ouput.

It does require a minor amount of configuration, but that is thoroughly discussed in the README. Essentailly, it is just a matter of specifying, in XML format, which servers are members of which groups, and what their respective hostnames are.

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-13

Replication Monitor complete

Just completed the replication monitor. Lots of info in the README and POD documentation! It runs very well for me - I'd like to find out how it works for other people.

Posted by Devananda 2005-11-01

Screen Shots

Posted two screen shots of the tools in action.

Posted by Devananda 2005-10-25

First upload

I am in the process of re-writing the replication monitor (rep_mon). I have decided to post the existing file, so anyone interested can see what it does, and so that the changes I make are in CVS on

Posted by Devananda 2005-10-25

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