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Long time, no news...

Yes, I'm aware of my lack of dedication to this project for quite a while. I've found what I could of the 2.0 code, and I've been working on it off and on for a while now. I'll put up what I can in the CVS asap for addition from others as well. The module system was almost completely working before the hard drive crash which deleted most of my work. More news to come soon.

Posted by Elden Armbrust 2005-08-05

ARGH! Fujitsu sucks!

Sorry about the lack of updates...but the original code was lost in a hard drive crash I affectionately refer to as "The great HD crash of `04" (Seeing as various drives died both at home and at work on me!) I digress. The code was restored to near it's previous status (parts were lost completely. Ever seen ascii POUR from a .php? Me either.) and the remaining parts are being rewritten. Keep an eye out! :)

Posted by Elden Armbrust 2004-04-27