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123tkShop-0.3 released

123tkShop-0.3 has been released today. There are many changes compared to 0.2.1, such as:

    R E L E A S E - N O T E S


This is 123tkShop-0.3

Features added since 0.2.1

* Added a right Navigationbar
* Added a two-Column-View
* Enhenced the Theme-Enginge
* Added a Backup-Manager
* Added a Setup-Manager
* Added Auto-Plugin-Detection
* Added a Install and Setup-Script for Firsttime-Setup
* Added a Logfile to log Configfiles
* Added an Information-script which shows running processes.
* Bugfixes
Please referr to the Project-Homepage at for additional Information.

Posted by Thorsten Körner 2002-06-18

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