#1 Example app please


Hi, I'm wondering if you can make a barebones example app that doesnt own the window. For example, I already have a multi context opengl framework in place already, I just want to use (try) this sdk out. It looks like if I mod the sourcecode I can get this to piggy back onto an existing app, but maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. (as my app will call swapbuffers etc). Also, creating a window not using the xml layout would be helpfull too in this example app. looking over the code I see you do need some xml configurations, which is fine, I just want to create a window at runtime, and be able to move this window around the clientwindow driving by something other than a mouse, but still need to know when the mouse is over the window. So all in all, I think I need a "shell" that knows the current clientrect to know the winow size so I can place all the children to this "shell" in it.. and so mygui can probalby control mouseover etc. Make sense? All in all, if you make barebone example to do this properly.. I can probably figure this out


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