Test to generate a 3dl File with 2 cameras

  • FMaymone

    FMaymone - 2005-11-01

    Hi all,

    I am trying to generate my own 3dl File, but some things arent very clear on my mind.

    Theres possible, in one machine only, using 2 webcams, generate a 3dl File??? In all topics I have read, the people always use dragonFly, and i wanna know if is it a limitation, or I can use others kinds of camera to receive data. And if yes, whats the steps needed???

    Thanks a lot .....

    your new friend from Brazil :)

    • difrafotard

      difrafotard - 2005-11-02


      In theory, you can use other kind of video cameras, but, the recording part of 3DLive is programmed for Dragonfly cameras only. The reason is that this software needs to synchronize the cameras to get images at the same time, and Dragonflies have that function.

      And, it is possible to use only one machine with two dragonflys, in fact, in my experience, this configuration is faster than to use three machines (one recording, one with a dragonfly and the last with other dragonfly).

    • FMaymone

      FMaymone - 2005-11-07


      I understand a little what you wants to say. Thanks

      But I read at the documentation that you use Sony DCX-390 cameras to record that guy with sometinh in his hands. Now I am most confused... Where was the DragonFlyes on that example???

    • difrafotard

      difrafotard - 2005-11-08

      That is the old version of 3dlive. 3dlive 1.0 works with dragonflies.


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