Zimbra service provider integration

  • Anonymous - 2013-02-08

    We are a decent size Zimbra Service Provider in Australia, and are trialing mxHero for our customers. Its looks great so far!
    We already have a reporting function built in, but we don't measure bandwidth. I'm sure the bandwidth measurement isn't going to be that accurate, given that most of our traffic is going to be MAPI (Http or https), unless mxhero gets that stat somewhere from inside Zimbra, that I don't know about. Nevertheless, I'm interested to see how it integrates, but can't understand what the configuration means.

    Under Management -> System Properties -> Zimbra Hosting Provider Setup.
    What key do I put in there?
    I thought it might be an ssh key, so I generated one as the mxhero user, and put the public half of it on zimbra@ourzimbraldapserver, but it didn't see to do anything.
    Any documentation here?

  • Alexis Panagides


    I have forwarded your post to the best person to respond.

    What I can answer is that the bandwidth measured is the email traffic. This means the actual emails entering and leaving. It does not measure http, https, POP, IMAP, etc access. So you should consider it a subset of your overall bandwidth usage. That said, it can be useful to compare one client to another. You will very quickly understand who is using the most email bandwidth. This information can sometimes be surprising.

    With regards to the storage measurement, the stats will report total storage usage for each domain and account. This will include not only email storage, but briefcase etc. Again, useful to understand what your real storage usage looks like per client.


  • Anonymous - 2013-02-12

    thanks for the reply. I do already have various measurements in place, for billing of course. I still need to understand how to make it work though for mxHero - what is the key etc?

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno Santos - 2013-02-12

    Hi Dave,

    I'm preparing a brief documentation about this part, I'll make it available tomorrow and then let you know here.
    Thanks in advance.


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