Changing noreply from address for heroattach

  • Scott Heath

    Scott Heath - 2012-04-13

    One last question before I pull the trigger and implement this into production…is there anyway to change the from address for the heroattach notification? currently it's set to, believe it or not it will confuse my users…

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    I have been checking the code, and in what is happening is that those no reply emails are generated for all rules in the admin level as in case that the rule you have just created is in the domain level (You created the rule as a domain admin or you just entered the domain from the domain list screen) form de domain EXAMPLE.COM the rule will be generate with the notification email noreply@EXAMPLE.COM.
    At this point we don't have the option to personalize the message for the global reply mail. Do you think that this is a must have? We could add it in 1.5.0.RELEASE in the next two weeks.

  • Scott Heath

    Scott Heath - 2012-04-13

    Gotcha. I'm using mxhero as outbound only at the moment and the rule is not a domain level rule. I could re-write it, and that would satisfy my needs. I do think it wouldn't be a bad idea to add it in there to allow for customizing.

    I noticed in the reporting and graphs (which are AWESOME by the way), that mail send to a group when the group has multiple members outside the orig, the e-mail is counted as many times as there are external people on the group. Not a huge deal, just took my by suprise.

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    I will add it for 1.5.0.RELEASE them, it seems like a nice thing to have.

    About the group thing, my guess is that you are sending to a group, but at the point that postfix is sending the email to mxHero the group no longer exists and there is an email for each recipient instead, and that's why you are seeing separate statistics for each recipient.


  • Diana Lauren Anderson

    Was this already added? Haven't been on the site since recently.

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    Ok, cheking code out.

    Is added, you can change attachment notification signature and admin email here:


    There change this properties:
    smtp.signature=\n\nPowered by mxHero\n

    Also about the global feature that we are talking on the thread, we released a feature on 1.6.0 that allows users to add Footers on emails, check it out, 1.6.0 has great feature released. Also go to out web site, we have post for every release where it says what's new.



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