Can I copy a whitelist of one domain to other

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-27

    Hi mXHero Team,

    I have installed mxHero on zimbra server and both reside on same machine. Now I am gonna host multiple domains on same server and eventually in mxHero. Now I have a long whitelist entered for domain A and I will be adding domain B soon.
    How do I copy or replicate Domain A's whitelist to Domain B?

    Is it possible from frontend or if not from backend?

    please advise/

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-27

    I believe that the output should be with mysql.

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    You have to find the older rule on features_rules and replicate that rule for the new domain. Sorry only backend, there is nothing available to clone rules between domains.
    You need to replicate information from this tables:
    | features_rules            |
    | features_rules_directions |
    | features_rules_properties |

    Or make it simpler, create the new rule with only on value on the list, and them copie all the values from features_rules_properties to the new rule, just making and insert/replace changing the rule id.

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-27

    would you please elaborate more? Can we not do that from backend? I mean backend as in not from mysql

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    So create a new rule for you new domain. Go to the mysql mxhero database, find the OLD_RULE_ID from the table features_rules and your NEW_RULE_ID. Once you have that run the following queries.

    DELETE FROM features_rules_properties WHERE rule_id = NEW_RULE_ID;
    INSERT INTO features_rules_properties (property_key,property_value,rule_id)
    SELECT property_key, property_value, NEW_RULE_ID
    FROM features_rules_properties WHERE rule_id = OLD_RULE_ID;

    The first one removes properties of the new created rule.
    The second one copies all properties from the old rule with the white list on the new one.

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    An yes, no way to copy or clone existing rules … sorry… it may be a nice future implementation.

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-28

    Yeah definitely it could be an excellent feature copying the rules among different domains.

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-09

    So friends will this feature be available in next release?

  • Alexis Panagides


    I don't think that is in the next release. The next release will have:
    - Read Once
    - Send as Personal
    - Zimbra reporting enhancements (for Zimbra SP Edition)
    - New Zimbra Zimlet
    - Enhanced BCC
    - Enhanced rebranding

    among other fixes etc.

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-10

    Ohh..and No quarantine handling feature????? Plsssssss see if you guys can have that feature available at least in beta phase in 1.9.0. This is much needed. Or at lease some kind of provision is made for releasing quarantine messages instead of forwarding to another account and then forward from there?

    I sincerely request you to see if that feature can be made available


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