Auto whitelist

  • Niosop

    Niosop - 2013-01-19

    Does mxHero already add people we email to an internal whitelist?  If not then it would make a great plugin/feature.  Looks like we could do it ourselves by querying for to_recipients, cc_recipients and bcc_recipients, parsing the email addresses out of it and adding them to features_rules_properties.  Anything I need to be aware of before doing this?

  • Alexis Panagides

    Yes, will be a great feature. It is already on the road map under the name "Auto Trust".

    As far as going about it yourself, I will copy in a developer for a correct answer.

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-21

    Absolutely niosop,

    This is the feature everybody is waiting for. I am desperately waiting for quarantine handling which will also have Auto WL/BL feature.

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    niosop, that looks great for me. Could be really interesting to make of that effort a new feature of the platform.

    We could do it by intercepting all emails and check an adding the recipients to the list for senders using autosignatures, or we could do something that runs as a backend process which would be of my preference. Them we can add a service on the platform that may be requested by any other application in it to check if an email is on the autotrust list. If you are interested to contribute to this feature as part of the platform let me know.


  • Niosop

    Niosop - 2013-01-21

    I'm afraid that anything I would do would just be a quick hack job in python to update the database and not be very portable to other users (they'd need to modify the rule number that should be adjusted, and populate an ignore array so that bounce recipients aren't whitelisted).

    I'd be happy to post what I come up with, but I'm afraid it wouldn't be terribly useful.  I just have one more question before I whip it up:  does mxHero cache the SA exception lists or do a db read for every email?  If it caches them, then just modifying the db wouldn't help w/o a mxHero restart unless I could force it to refresh it's cache from the db.

    I'll do a little digging into the source to see if I can help in any meaningful way, but my Java-fu isn't all that strong and I have next to no flash experience.

  • Niosop

    Niosop - 2013-01-21

    Just a quick update, did a test injecting an address into an SA exception rule and it picked it up right away, so it doesn't appear to cache the exception list.

  • Marcelo Angel Marmol

    rules are refreshed every 60 or 30 seconds  by default, so probably that's why it took the list right away.



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