tbart4642272 - 2010-03-19

I haven't checked with the latest version and whether this is still a problem, but my 1.0.0 does not tell you in any way that writing to the target file failed.
E.g. if the disk is full, mxfsplit will just exit normally (with return code 0) after having filled the disk to the last byte.

This is a patch to correct this. My C is very poor and you might have to make corrections (free memory, call destructors before exiting and all the other fancy stuff i don't know anything about ;->), but you get the idea.

-- mxflib_org/mxfsplit/mxfsplit.cpp    2007-04-02 15:26:14.000000000 +0200
+++ mxflib_patched/mxfsplit/mxfsplit.cpp        2010-03-19 14:05:36.000000000 +0100
@@ -847,7 +914,10 @@ static void DumpBody( PartitionPtr ThisP

                                        //if(FileValid(ThisFile)) FileWrite(ThisFile, anElement->GetData().Data, anElement->GetData().Size);
                                        // FIXME: Need to add end-of-element
-                                       if(ThisSink) ThisSink->PutEssenceData(anElement->GetData());
+                                       // Not the same amount of Bytes written as expected (disk full etc.)
+                                       if(ThisSink) if(! ThisSink->PutEssenceData(anElement->GetData()) ) { error("Writing to file failed. Exiting. \n"); exit(-1); }

Solves the problem for me…