reading IstanceUID e PackageID

  • MarcoBiagi

    MarcoBiagi - 2007-11-19

    I have a mxflib::PackagePtr package, and i want to read it's UMID and it's Package UID.How can i do this?

    mxflib::UUIDPtr mIstanceUID=package-> ????
    mxflib::UMIDPtr mPackageID=package-> ????

    someone can help me?

    • Matt Beard

      Matt Beard - 2007-11-19

      There are currently no methods available that convert directly from a KLV value to a UUID or a UMID, but you can read the data bytes and use these to build a UUID or UMID object. For example:

        PackagePtr ThisPackage = { read the package }
        UUIDPtr InstanceUID;
        DataChunkPtr InstanceData = ThisPackage[InstanceUID_UL]->PutData();
        if(InstanceData->Size == 16)
          InstanceUID = new mxflib::UUID(InstanceData->Data);

      Note how you have to qualify UUID as there is a UUID class defined by Visual Studio


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