mxfviewer application

  • Stuart Cunningham

    Philip de Nier has developed a graphical application which uses MXFlib called mxfviewer.  We would like to make this available and the obvious project to contribute it to is MXFlib.  However mxf2dot, which lies at the heart of mxfviewer, contains GPL licensed code and so would be inconsistent with MXFlib's zlib license.  The sourceforge conditions of use allows a project to use more than once license.  The other option we have is to put mxfviewer on sourceforge as a separate project but I feel this may detract from its visibility.

    • Oliver Morgan

      Oliver Morgan - 2004-05-21

      I think it would be appropriate to add the mxfviewer functions to the existing aafviewer utility in the AAF SDK

    • Matt Beard

      Matt Beard - 2004-06-08

      I think that adding mxfviewer functions to aafviewer is only appropriate if the two are sufficiently compatible.  One possible problem is that the AAF SDK uses its own MXF parser.

      • Stuart Cunningham

        I checked with Philip de Nier and found that aafviewer already supports mxf2dot - it is merely a matter of configuration. 'aafviewer' is essentially a DOT viewer which runs external commands like aaf2dot, aafmeta2dot and mxf2dot depending upon configuration.

        The AAF SDK does not have an MXF encoding or any MXF library functionality.

        mxf2dot is valuable as a stand alone tool since its output can be rendered by any DOT viewer (e.g. aafviewer, Graphviz).  Philip and I both think MXFlib would be an appropriate home for mxf2dot.

        • Oliver Morgan

          Oliver Morgan - 2004-06-08

          I agree. mxflib is a good home for mxf2dot.

    • Matt Beard

      Matt Beard - 2004-06-09

      OK, we need to check out the licensing of mxf2dot.

      Where can I find out more about it - it isn't on SourceForge.

      • Stuart Cunningham

        The mxf2dot application is pure GPL.  I can email you a copy of the source.

        The README could mention that contributed examples and utilties may not be zlib licensed and the user should check the README for those programs to see their licensing details (mxf2dot comes with a README).

        Another option is to Admin->Edit Trove Categorization
        and list GPL as another license in addition to zlib/libpng license, but this might scare away those afraid of the GPL even though the GPL would only apply to a contributed utility.

    • Matt Beard

      Matt Beard - 2004-06-09

      I would far rather not mix licensing.

      If the mxf2dot code must be GPL then I would favour adding a new SourceForge project (such as mxfutils) for non-zlib utilities.

      We can "advertise" the link - perhaps by cross-releasing object code versions of the utils in mxflib, or by posting news of mxfuilts releases in the mxflib news service, or by including details of the utils in the mxflib README file. Permutations of the above options are also possibilities.

    • Digby Richards

      Digby Richards - 2007-08-23


      this forum thread is rather old, but I was wandering whether the mxfviewer application ever got released. It sure would come in handy at the moment.


      • Matt Beard

        Matt Beard - 2007-08-24

        mxf2dot did get added to MXFLib, not sure what was removed to remove the GPL dependency, but it has gone. I suspect it was simply a case of not including GraphViz with the package.

        Will this do what you are interested in?

        • Digby Richards

          Digby Richards - 2007-08-24

          Certainly looks interesting - but I havent been able to get it going yet.

          Do you use this graphical viewer a lot ?


    • Digby Richards

      Digby Richards - 2007-08-24

      I take it back - zoomed out and now I can see the graph.


      MxfDump is also pretty useful too.


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