libexpatMD.lib not found in Visual Studio 10

  • Harald Jordan

    Harald Jordan - 2013-02-12

    I am trying to build mxflib in order to use it later within my own c++ or similar program. So, i downloaded version 1.01, imported the project to VS, removed all projects other than mxflib itself and pressed build. First i had to search for the needed expat.h file, so i downloaded expat 2.0.1 and added it as lib path. Now it still complains about
    All expats that i was able to find in the net were only containing libexpatMT.lib, but not libexpatMD.
    Where could i possibly get it from?

  • Matt Beard

    Matt Beard - 2013-02-13

    Hi Harry,

    It seems that you are building the debug DLL build and it is asking for the DLL build of Expat - if you build the Static version on MXFLib it should ask for libexpatMT.lib. Or remove the Expat library and ensure that HAVE_EXPAT is not defined. Hope this helps

  • Harald Jordan

    Harald Jordan - 2013-02-13

    Hey Matt,

    thanks for the very quick reply.
    I just removed the project dependency to  "\win32\vs8\release\libexpatMD.lib", found in the Include section of project properties. Then the mxflib project built without problems.



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