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MPEG-2 Transport Stream (ISO 13818-1)

  • Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins - 2005-11-08

    Is there a way to wrap a MPEG-2 Transport Stream (ISO 13818-1) stream?  It looks like it can handle an elementary stream, but not a TS?


    • Oliver Morgan

      Oliver Morgan - 2005-11-08

      We have an esp_mpeg2ts.hcpp, but have not yet contributed it because it deals only with a small subset of the possibilities

      What flavours of TS do you need? Just ATSC?

    • Hugh Watkins

      Hugh Watkins - 2005-11-08

      ATSC and DVB, but primarily ATSC.

      Could I take a look at the esp_mpeg2ts module?


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