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Mandragora World Engine / News: Recent posts

MWE v0.4.0 Released!

This version of MWE has the beginnings of what will become by v0.5 a working system for sound and physics. This release is unique from those before in that it contains several of it's dependancies in it, which will build with it. The dependancies included are: freealut-1.1.0, libpng-1.2.12, openal-0.0.8, and zlib-1.2.3. If I have set up the makefile right (which I doubt), on Linux, typing 'make all' will configure and make everything, and 'make installall' will install everything. If you only type 'make' and 'make install', only MWE will be installed. You should only need OpenGL/GLUT and Python 2.4 already installed to make it. Also, if you watch the project's home page,, there should soon be some simple demo videos of MWE in action. You can download the 50MB avi already up, but it's pretty much useless.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-24

Web Site!

I now have a website. It won't be usefull for a while, though.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-22


MWE is now v0.3.6:
-Fully commented in the two main files mwe.cpp and MWEobject.h
-Full arsinal of C++ functions which can be called from Python when the mwe.o file is imported into Python (or when Python is run in MWE)
-Logging and error reporting system

From there I'm releasing v0.4.0 by testing all the new Python functions and incorperating sound into MWE using OpenAL. This should provide seamless 3D sound. ... read more

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-14

MWE v0.3.6 Released

MWE is now completely capable of many graphics functions. Things such as lighting, however, are either not enabled or not implemented yet. I've set up the source so as to show you a preview of the graphics. If compiled, used test/texture.png as the texture. Use the arrow keys to rotate the objects. Also, as of v0.3.5, which wasn't released, a simple logging/error reporting system is implemented, which will be expanded upon later.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-14


v0.3.6 is going to take much longer than was anticipated. Something(s) is/are wrong, and I'm at a I can't even begin to imagine where the problem would be. I've gone over it meticulously again and again. So, it's going to be a while before we have functional graphics in the Mandragora World Engine.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-10

MWE v0.3.4 Released

v0.3.4 is done and I've released it. You can download this new version. Be aware, however, that the added functions have not yet been tested or debugged yet in any way. They will be before v0.4 though. I've also deleted v0.3.0, so the only one's there are 0.3.2 and 0.3.4

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-07

MWE v0.3.2 Released

Small release. Changed the README, commented mwe.cpp completely, and switched some stuff around.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-03

We want your logs

When probably about v0.3.4 rolls around, MWE will have a logging and error reporting system built into it. Help us out by tarring your log files together and emailing them to the me. This will help tremendously in the debugging process.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-03


The IRC channel has been changed. Chat about Mandragora World Engine on the IRC at UnderNet, channel #mandragora

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-03

Alpha Release

The MWE project will release it's alpha testing version of MWE with version 0.5.0, which should be fully functional minus bugs, though severely restricted.

By the alpha release, Open Dynamics Engine should be incorperated into the engine. I'm also concidering imbeding Ruby scripting into the engine to be used instead of/with Python.

Posted by Etherous 2006-08-03