Mouse Wheel Accelerator

MWA improves the wheel scroll in windows towards dynamic smooth iPhone-like scrolling.
Getting the mouse wheel to accelerate intuitively still leaves the problem that some application do not support smooth line scroll while other do not handle well repetitive scrolling. This means that in spite of all the best intentions the final effect is not perfect…
still it is an improvement!!!

When scrolling in application window the context menu will offer the relevant Options:

Disable – Disable MWA
Bypass in app [*] – ignore in application [*]
Bypass for wnd [*] – ignore for all windows of class [*]
Run on startup – run on login with normal user credentials. For administrator credentials use scheduled login task and leave unchecked.

  • One notch turn in the opposite direction will abort the scroll sequence.

  • Works best with applications built for smooth scrolling like browsers and image editing software.

  • Works with touchpads scrolling.

  • Some tested configurations:
    Firefox – enable smooth scrolling and you’re set to go.
    Chrome – use SmoothScroll extension with Stride size per scroll in pixel set to 15.
    IE8 – there is a scroll jittering problem when the mouse is above the content area. Keep the mouse above the scroll panel (or where there is no text) using smooth scroll and it’s not too bad…
    Acrobat Reader - use version 9.*, set page-display to single continuous.

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