winxp 64bit

  • skrell

    skrell - 2012-09-13

    MWA does not seem to work AT ALL for windows explorer in 64bit xp.  The window simply ignores the scroll wheel altogether.  I would happy if i could even tell MWA to "exclude" explorer.exe from its hooking.  I REALLY want to use your app but this is preventing me.  :(

  • yochaim

    yochaim - 2015-02-25

    hi skrell,

    few years later but..., latest mwa version (1.4.7) supports win 64 bit...


  • daslicht

    daslicht - 2017-07-17

    An option how much lines are scrolled after release woyld be nice as well as an option to disable it for cetrain apps

  • yochaim

    yochaim - 2017-07-17

    not sure what you mean by 'release'? it works like a flywheel so the number of lines (after release) is relational to the rotational speed you put into it. you can always stop it instantly with one wheel click in the opposite direction or pressing shift...
    from the notification icon you can disable it for apps or even a window in the app...

    Last edit: yochaim 2017-07-20
  • daslicht

    daslicht - 2017-07-20

    i see, thank you !


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