#7 MP3 Files Generated by Windows


I raised this issue a few months ago and thought I had
found a solution, but it seems that I have not.....

The mvpmc file browser will not play mp3 files
generated on my windows computer (either by Windows
Media Player or ITunes).

When I originally found the problem I thought it was to
do with bit rates and used ffmpeg to convert the bit
rate of all my mp3 files to 128kbps, which got them
working on the mvpmc file browser.
I have now discovered that ffmpeg actually converted
them to mp2 files, not mp3 ones, which means that they
do not work on my portable mp3 player.
If I use lame to convert the mp2 files back to mp3
files, they play ok on mvpmc (but I loose the artist,
genre etc. tags that are included in the mp3 file).

I have put some more information on the internet at <a
I have also included example files in the three formats
(Windows generated mp3, ffmpeg generated mp2 and lame
generated mp3).

I also checked that the original windows file played
using the Hauppauge supplied software and it plays ok,
so I think this must be a bug in the mvpmc file browser
(the original files play via SlimServer and mclient).

Sorry to raise the issue for a second time!




  • Jon Gettler

    Jon Gettler - 2006-01-16

    Logged In: YES

    I (finally) downloaded your test files. With a version of
    mvpmc built from the current CVS source today, all 3 of your
    "What a Wonderful World" test files play just fine.

    Can you confirm with a recent built of mvpmc that these
    files play fine for you as well?

  • Graham Jones

    Graham Jones - 2006-01-16

    Logged In: YES


    Sorry to trouble you - I have discovered that it was me all

    It was just a coincidence that the windows generated files
    were not world readable, but things generated on linux were.
    This means that the directories were world readable so
    mvpmc was seeing the file, but was failing to open it. I
    will have to check how I was mounting the file system - I
    thought it must have been mounting as root, but obviously
    not! Unfortunately mvpmc did not complain to tell me it
    could not open the file.

    Do you think you could add a bit of error trapping code to
    shout if it fails to open a file please?

    I actually have another little problem which I thought was
    connected, but I am not too sure now. This is that mpeg
    videos that I have processed myself do not work reliably on
    the mvpmc. The video shows ok, but sound does not work
    unless I have previously played a different video. It is
    almost as though it is initialising something in the
    hardware to get the sound working. Do you have any idea
    about this?




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